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Time Out Adventures

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My family and I were very lucky to be invited to an afternoon visiting Time Out Adventures last Saturday afternoon. Located amongst the gorgeous grounds at Pacific Bay Resort, Time Out is open to the public which is good for us Coffs locals!

There are SO many activities to do at Time Out, the hardest thing would be choosing which activity to do! So whether it be a fun afternoon of family bonding, something to occupy the kids during the school holidays or weekend, a special treat or even a birthday party, Time Out is the perfect place to spend an hour or two.

Here are some of the activities we did:


The best thing about this activity is it can be enjoyed by anyone. You don’t need any special sporting skills (I certainly don’t have any!) and it is SO much fun. Not only that, even if you aren’t “on field” it’s hilarious to watch. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Simply crawl inside the big blown up balls, and try your best to run around and stay on your feet. There are games played as well, such as last “bumper” standing and bumper soccer.

You can have any number of people particating as the activity can be quite tiring, so it’s good to have a rest and sit back and laugh watching the others get bumped around. I would also suggest this activity is good for ages 8 years and upwards.

More information –



Splash Golf is heaps of fun, especially for those who have never played golf before! My kids loved it! Step up to the platform, grab a ball from your bucket and aim for the floating targets. There are even prizes to be won for hitting a target or getting a hole in one. The lagoon where the splash golf is played is just gorgeous, what an amazing setting for some family fun! The youngest in the family even enjoyed this, so probably fine for 5 year olds upwards.

More information:


By far the number #1 favourite activity of everyone for the afternoon. You’ve seen segways before but not many people have a chance to try one. Well, cruising around on the paths at Pacific Bay is the perfect opportunity for an introduction!

Riding a Segway is quite simply amazing; it feels like nothing you’ve experienced – because there’s never been anything like it. It’s very easy to learn and our instructor was very helpful and hands on. Please note, Segways are only available for kids over 28kgs.

More information:


The newest addition to the Time Out Coffs family, these are SO much fun for the whole family. They can seat four and it’s a lovely little ride out around the lagoon. Perfect lazy afternoon activity and getting out in the fresh air. Just make sure Dad is in the front to paddle!


Another favourite, and also very funny to watch for those not participating. It’s hard to describe what these are if you’ve never seen one in action before so here’s a short time lapse:


Once inside your Ozbobble (it’s like a Zorb ball but on water) you will run, float, somersault and more on water without getting wet. Then afterwards go for a swim in the lovely pools to cool down and relax. Access to the pool is included in the price of the Ozbobble fun.

More information:


And at the end of all that fun and activity, of course we needed to sit down for that well earned ice-cream. Also available at the Time Out Cafe are snacks, coffee, slushies and other food and drinks.


There are other activities to do at Time Out such as the gorgeous 9 hole golf course, archery and bopping heads music video. You can combine activities or get special packages. AND don’t forget, Time Out is the perfect place to have a birthday party for the ‘older kids’ who have outgrown places like Tabatinga and Springloaded. My 12 year is old is begging for his next birthday party to be an OzBobble pool party!

Time out is probably the first place that I’ve taken my kids that I’ve enjoyed as much as they have, and they’ve been talking about it non-stop since we went. It’s one of those experiences we will all remember, we definitely made some memories that afternoon!

A BIG thanks to Glen, the manager, for personally escorting us and showing us around all the activities. Glen and his staff are very friendly, relaxed and easy going and definitely made the afternoon a lot fun for us.

You can find out more by clicking on the website (just hit NSW and then “Coffs Harbour” to search for our location)

You can also call 02 6659 7006 or 1300 090 767.

The Time Out “Activities Hut” is located at Novotel Pacific Bay resort, the entrance is on the left just past the Marine Science Centre.

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Our War on Waste

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I must confess due to not watching much TV I missed the 3 series show “War on Waste” when it screened on the ABC recently. But after hearing a lot of people talking about it and seeing various comments on Facebook, I finally decided I needed to watch it. I jumped onto ABC iview and I got my kids to watch it too.

I consider myself a bit of an environmentalist but I had no idea how bad Australia was and how much more we all could be doing. So this weekend marks a big change in our household habits.

It started with going to the Sunday markets and getting fruit and veg and using all my own bags. Then dropping by Woolies Park Ave we checked out the new “soft plastics” bin (well done Woolies!) so now we know where to take them. Then Bunnings to buy two new bins: one for soft plastics and one for compost.

If you missed the article in yesterday’s Advocate – “Coffs Harbour is winning War on Waste” you can click here to read it. It’s good to see local business getting on board and doing their part, such as the Bailey Centre who are offering 4 cents off per litre of petrol in exchange for 5 plastic bags.

And did you know that Coffs has it’s very own soft plastics recycler?

From their Facebook page:

Harbour Paper & Oil has been providing a recycling service to the Coffs Coast area for over 20 years. We provide a range of convenient options to cater to all business & domestic recycling requirements both large and small.
We recycle:
• All paper and cardboard types
• All soft plastics, including milk bottles, plastic wrap, soft drink bottles…
• Car bumpers and other plastic panels
• Used Cooking oils – A 200L drum can be provided on request!
We are located at 24 Hulberts Rd Toormina for easy FREE drop off to our premises or if you prefer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly collection service is available.

If you follow Paper & Oil on Facebook you can find out where the nearest soft plastic recycling bin is near you and how active they are in getting supermarkets and schools to get on board.

I took the kids for a drive to see the new Urunga Boardwalk, so we can see for ourselves the end result of recycling soft plastics. Its decking has been constructed by an Australian Company (Replas) using 100% recycled plastic waste. This is the equivalent to around 2.5 million plastic bags being diverted from landfill. VERY impressive.

What has probably concerned me the most from the show was that takeaway coffee cups ARE NOT recyclable! There are plastic components in them so the moisture doesn’t soak through which makes them unable to be recycled. So I’m now 100% committed to taking my own reusable coffee mug when I get my morning coffee. I just asked on Facebook if anyone knows of local coffee shops that offer a discount for people who bring in their own cups. If you know of any, or would like to find out who to support this initiative – click here.  You can also check out the Responsible Cafes website and type in your postcode or town to see who offers a discount and how much. It’s great to see places like  The Happy Frog offering a 50 cent discount! I sure hope many more cafes sign up.

What I would also love to see is NSW banning single use plastic bags. You can find out more about this by clicking here . South Australia, the Northern Territory, the ACT and Tasmania already have plastic bag bans, with QLD to follow next year. You can sign an online petition here calling on NSW, Victoria and WA to #banthebag. We can also join people like GREENS member and Coffs Harbour City Councillor Sally Townley to encourage our own council to ban plastic bags at a local level.

Another thing we can do is support local initiatives like “Coffs Coast Boomerang Bags” – Boomerang Bags works to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags – community made using recycled materials, Boomerang Bags provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

By getting involved with Boomerang Bags, you are participating in a national movement that celebrates a local grassroots initiative, community building and sustainability.

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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Easter Hat Ideas Part 3

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So heading into the last week of Term 1 many schools are having Easter Hat Parades next week.

I’ve done a couple of posts in previous years on Easy Easter Hats, which you can find here:

Easter Hat Ideas

11 Easter Hat Ideas Part 2

So here are a few more:

(Click on the text below each picture to link to source and instructions)

Eggs and feathers Easter Bonnet

Farmyard Easter Bonnet

Giant Carrot Easter Bonnet

Dinosaur Easter Bonnet

Flower Bunny Ears

Bunny Party Hats

Funny Bunny Hat

Oz style Easter Bonnet

Traditional Easter Bonnet

Funky Bunny Glasses

Bunny Face Paper Plate

Easter Chick Paper Crown

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1. The name “Rebalance” was what piqued my interest in the first place. Let’s face it, the start of the school year, sports, other after school activities, getting back into routine after a long summer break. I really needed to rebalance! So when I found out about a new studio opening in Coffs Harbour I was one of the first to sign up.

2. The location is fabulous, on Orlando Street next to Mother Nature’s (behind Goodyear). Easy parking, Mother Nature’s is right there if you need to duck in for any fruit and veg, basic grocery items, bread or milk. Molly & Me is next to that if you need a before or after class coffee!

3. The times of the classes are great. Starting at 5.30am with classes throughout the day right up until night. I found the 9.30am classes perfect on the days I don’t work as they time perfectly with after school drop off. There are also classes on Saturday mornings.

4. Friendly atmosphere. Unlike some gyms I’ve experienced, all the members are so friendly, chatty and relaxed. There are a really nice bunch of ladies that attend classes. The actual building is really lovely and fresh, a big airy space with nice light.

5. All inclusive. The exercises whether it be Pilates, Barre, Mat classes, Reformer or Yoga are all designed for any age, any fitness level. There are always loads of options and the instructors encourage you to stop whenever you need to have a little break. Absolutely no pressure!

6. The instructors are SO lovely. Nicole is the manager and takes a lot of the classes and she is so laid back and approachable, super friendly and even remembers your name! All the instructors are very attentive and encouraging without judgement.

7. Ask anyone that knows me: before I joined Rebalance I would NEVER have said the words “enjoy” and “exercise” in the same sentence. But the varied classes at Rebalance I enjoy! They are all low impact but boy, do can they burn! The moves are all about form and slow and steady movements so I feel in a way it’s a form of meditation to concentrate and focus on a single part of your body. And the best thing of all are the stretches after each exercise.

8. They have an app! You have to book your classes but it’s super easy to install the app, sign in and see all the classes on each day and book in. You can also check what classes you have booked into so no need to remember or write them down somewhere else. (You can also do all this on a computer as well).

9. Booking classes makes you go! Once I book in, my mentality changes and I feel committed to going. Of course you can cancel out classes via the app but I find booking myself into a class makes me go instead of just showing up at a designated time (and managing to talk myself out of it).

10. They have an awesome introductory offer – $97 for 28 days – up to 3 reformer classes plus unlimited mat work, yoga and barr After that there are heaps of different ongoing membership options so you can choose the type of membership depending on your budget and how many classes you can attend each week.

To find out more about my new favourite place:

Check out their Facebook page or give Nicole a call on 0478 812 526 or email

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