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Learning is Fun Online

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Thanks once again to Coffs Harbour Libraries for providing this great information about what resources kids and parents can access.

Our kids are like little sponges, soaking up new experiences and taking in new information all the time. As a parent, it’s a joy to behold. When it comes to online learning, it can also be challenging to ensure our kids take in the most quality information from trusted sources. Coffs Harbour Libraries know how important it is to have good online learning resources, and most importantly, that they are fun for kids!

The library offers you a great array of specialist Online Information Collections. Think of the collections as similar to websites. However, unlike websites which can be created by anyone, expert or not, the specialist collections are created and organised only by recognised experts.

Your library card will give you instant access at any time!

These specialist collections include two authoritative and comprehensive sources of information to support children’s learning and make it fun!


Britannica Digital Learning – Online Library

Britannica Library is an award-winning resource for children and adults and is easy to use.

Accessing this trusted source of information enables you and your young ones to explore thousands of topics in science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics for school projects, to review concepts taught in the classroom, or to learn something new. The inbuilt research tools allow you to:-

  • Explore the animal kingdom by group, by habitat, or by name
  • Learn about countries of the world via an online World Atlas
  • Look at Videos and images about people, places, and things

World Book eBooks – Information eBooks – Perfect for School Assignments

The beauty of World Book e-books is their child-friendly layout, great illustrations and interactive features such as games, videos and audio clips.

Access to the e-books is easy to navigate.  The collection includes categories such as:

  • Animals Birds & Mammals
  • Biographies
  • Early Readers
  • History
  • Nature & Science
  • Space

Click on the cover image, and the information is on the screen instantly!

So go, grow and enjoy!

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A Flick Through Kids’ Magazines

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Love taking some time out to flick through a magazine? Youngsters love to do the same. There’s a great collection of magazines for kids to choose from at Coffs Harbour Libraries. As school begins again, what better way to introduce some extra fun and activities into your kids’ reading? A wealth of stories, an explosion of poetry, an array of articles and a selection of plays, activities, comic serials and more await young readers. Here’s a taster of what’s on offer:

General Kids’ Mags

The hottest kids’ mag in Australia! MANIA is engaging, informative and educational. Discover the latest news and trends in movies, games, cartoons, music and TV. MANIA also features fun fiction, jokes, pets, comics and sport.

Double Helix
Double Helix is fascinating and fun reading for children. Double Helix magazine is designed to foster an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The magazines are easy and fun to read, whether they are already interested in science or not. Double Helix magazine also promotes critical thinking and literacy in school-aged children and teens. Each issue includes hands-on activities, recipes, experiments, comics, puzzles and prizes to win.

The “Action” Mag for kids with a great sense of adventure! It is a loved by emerging independent readers, and they just love the competitions, puzzles and stories that jump out of each edition.  It includes info about gaming & coding to interest young minds and is jam packed with superheroes. 

School Magazines (published by The Department of Education)

Countdown magazine, a literary treasure trove for children reading at an 7- to 9-year old level. All features are magnificently illustrated with artwork by some of Australia’s leading artists or with carefully selected photographs.

Blast Off magazine for independent readers with an interest level around 9-10 years. . If reading for pleasure is a priority, then Blast Off is an ideal choice.

Orbit will capture the imagination of readers with an interest level around 10-11 years old. The comic serials which appear each month are a highlight for Orbitoids!

Touchdown is filled with a rich array of texts which appeal to readers aged around 12 years and older. Each magazine is packed with beautiful illustrations and photos, and the texts are sourced by roving correspondents.  

For more information: ask at your local branch – Coffs/Woolgoolga/Toormina

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Sharing the Wonder of Picture Books

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The team at Coffs Harbour Libraries loves to share picture books with the children who go to the library for storytime, and they love to provide them for families to borrow, read together and enjoy the journey they provide. Picture books are an important tool in early literacy development.

Picture books provide an opportunity to share words, images, concepts. They are visually engaging, and the story can be told through the images, usually with supporting text. They offer an opportunity for children to explore and be curious – vital for the development of young minds. Young children first observe, touch, point, ask, listen, remember, and recite, and then ultimately they read. Picture books help them learn to predict, think, confirm and enquire.

Sharing a picture book enables a child to:

  • learn how things work
  • understand things
  • discover new ideas

The words and pictures that are captured in a book can take you on a journey of adventure, discovery and learning.  The words and pictures are just the beginning of the story, and it is the child’s imagination that brings the story to life.  It is their creativity that adds the excitement and magic to what you are reading, and it is their curiosity that leads them to want to find out more!

We all learn about life by reading or listening to other people’s stories and children are no different.

As children develop their reading skill, they can share the stories with family members by reading to them.  A story comes to life when you read it out aloud.

Coffs Harbour Libraries has a large collection of picture books – take a look at the selection in the online catalogue.

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The Importance of Reading with Kids

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The following is a guest post by the lovely Judy from Coffs Harbour Library.


Read together with your children – it’s better than just talking.

Children learn through what they see & hear, and through the many experiences we provide, and a wonderful experience to share with children is to read a book together.  It is never too early to start – and it is never too late to start either!

Reading to children through infancy and early childhood can improve language skills and foster literacy development.  Reading and sharing a story promotes creativity and curiosity, which in turn boosts educational outcomes as children develop.

Reading exposes children to a wide range of words, with picture books having around 70 percent more unique words than we use in conversation.  Regular conversation is limited to the here and now, whereas books can take us on a journey within real or imagined worlds with no boundaries or limits to the sounds and images we can share.

Through books, we not only share the language, rhythms & rhymes of the story, but we share the artistic value as well.  With so many picture books, and beautifully illustrated information books available through the library, there is always something new to enjoy.

Bringing a book home at the end of a busy day is a good way to bring a ‘book habit’ into the home. Take time out to sit and share a story – just 10 minutes a day. It is an opportunity to share values, experiences and dreams with your children, and at the same time, instil in them a lifelong opportunity to enjoy wonderment and discovery through the world of reading.

  • During the first two years of life 75% of brain development occurs.
  • Reading a book is an easy way to have regular additional talking time together.
  • Talking, listening, singing and sharing books together is one of life’s simple pleasures and stimulates learning.
  • Songs and rhymes are especially good for children as the rhythms and repetition makes it easier to develop language skills.
  • Pictures and book characters are a great topic of conversation
  • Books provide your child with a source of new varied vocabulary.
  • There is a direct correlation between spoken vocabulary and ease of learning to read.

Check out the specialist collection of picture books at the library

or make the most of our online reading and picture book resources



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