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busted bling

Busted Bling is a locally owned business providing comfort, ease and ‘bling’ to orthopaedic and mobility accessories.    Their custom made, washable cast covers protect and keep casts clean and come in a great range of fabrics to suit all ages, occasions and styles (including an after 5 range!)  Best of all they are affordable!  Kids’ cast covers are a specialty and they have a great range of superhero fabrics!   They also stock the durable ‘Limbo’ reusable waterproof covers so casts and dressings can remain dry while bathing or swimming. Their forearm or underarm crutches covers, pads and bags make using crutches so much easier and more comfortable.

All of their crutches products are made from the highest quality materials available. Busted Bling is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand supplier of the Crutcheze range, they are the manufacturer of the cast cover range, and a platinum supplier of LimbO Waterproof covers.

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Contact:  Kirsten Howton 0419 499125

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