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10 Stay-at-home Ideas these School Holidays


There is SO MUCH to do these school holidays,  make sure you check out our School Holidays page on the website for all the activities.

However, if you feel like having a cruisy day at home here are 10 ideas on things to do with your kids these School Holidays:


 Paint with Fruit & Vegetables

Potatoes are very popular with young children (they’re easy to hold) and you can also carve them to create interesting raised shapes, such as stars, half moons, circles, squares etc. Look for fruit and vegetables that have interesting seeds that will make unusual patterns on your paper when you press them. Other ideas: beans, okra, the bottom of celery, lemons, oranges, apples, mushrooms, starfruit, capsicum and even corn! Find more ideas here.


Make a Dinosaur or Fairy Garden.

This one is made using Chia seeds which grow very fast! Create your garden and in less than a week the fairy or dinosaur garden will have a carpet of lush greenery. Click here for the full instructions.


Robot or Monster Cookies.

Using arrowroot or milk biscuits, easy icing and an assortment of lollies for decorations. Every time I make these with my kids they get very excited (though I suspect it’s because of the lollies!) and have heaps of fun making (and eating) their creations. Click here for full instructions.


Crayon painting.

This is an activity suited for older kids and requires parent supervision. Using a tile or rocks, heat up the item in the oven. Gather some old crayons and very careful start to draw over the hot item. The crayon will melt on contact creating some amazing colours and designs. Click here for more information on the tile painting and here for the rock painting.


Doily painting.

Buy a packet or two of paper doilies and let the kids paint. The cut-out patterns on the doilies add a really good effect. At the end you can make a gorgeous bunting decoration. More information click here.


Galaxy Playdough.

Take playdough to a whole new level by adding glitter! This playdough is made using black and blue colouring, then glitter is pushed into it. The kids can make their own “galaxy” using marbles or glass rocks as planets, plastic stars, glitter stars and sequins. Click here for the recipe.

I also came across this blog article using cookie cutters to make flower shapes out of the playdough, then decorated using beads, pom poms, buttons, pipe cleaners and other items.

20120423-212703Spring Pinwheels.

These are SO easy to make and my kids loved making them and loved blowing on them and putting them in the breeze to watch them move. Click here for instructions.

P1130100[3]Birds Nest Paper Plate Craft.

I love this activity as it gets the kids outside, hunting around the garden or nearby park for twigs, leaves, bark and flowers to decorate their birds nest. Click here for more.


Ice cube painting.

With  hot day forecast this week a great way to keep the kids cool is with some ice-cube painting. This requires coloured ice-cubes to be frozen overnight in preparation. Another idea is to add a few sprinkles of glitter to each ice cube so when the kids paint it has a lovely sparkle. Click here to find out more.


Train track marble run.

LOVE this idea! Using wooden train tracks make a marble run. The kids will love building and re-building to get the marbles going super-fast! Click here for more pictures.

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