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45 days of summer fun!


This is the start of my first Christmas school holidays. Well, I mean my oldest only started pre school 3 days a week at the start of this year, (the other 4 years of his life he’s been home with me anyway). I’m not exactly scared of the next 45 days with him home every single day… no, just envisaging the pain his boredom is going to bring which will manifest itself in him hassling his poor little brother.

This is also his last holidays before big school starts so a part of me is very aware I am about to lose him forever (yes I know perhaps I am being a tad melodramatic, but Kindergarten is going to mark a whole host of new influences in his life, no longer just Mummy and Daddy…) 

So, what oh what to do for 45 days? 

Well I have been very busy this week compiling the definitive list of everything going on in Coffs for Kids these summer school holidays. There are also listings under ‘events calendar’ for particular events as well. And let me say I am pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount of things on, and the variety – everything from hunting for bugs, sewing classes, sand castle building competition, loads of tours put on by National Parks, a summer reading club and so much more it is mind-boggling.

I also plan on doing some adventure-exploring of our coastline, to places like Arrawarra and Mylestom that I haven’t been in years.

So between all these things, play dates, the beach, the park, craft and cooking at home – well the summer holidays will fly by in no time and before I know it I will be choking back tears when I send my boy to his first day of school….(which I am sure you will hear all about!)

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