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49 days and counting…


I was at the Palm’s Centre today, getting my usual wholemeal bread (toast sliced) when I looked down into the glass cabinet and saw some boxes of fruit mince pies. Then wham! It hit me. Christmas is coming.

I know, I know, there have been Christmas decorations in Big W, supermarkets and other shops for months (it seems) but I could walk past them, in a world of denial, because the Christmas paraphanalia just hits the shelves so early it is easy to ignore – for a while at least.

So I am not sure exactly why a box of seemingly innocent fruit mince pies were the factor that convinced me and launched me into a minor-panic. I just keep telling myself, I still have time.

There is just so much thinking to do, so much planning. So much buying! I have to admit I am an online-shopper addict. I love buying stuff online  – it is so easy, I can do it without my kids, it gets delivered to my door and it always brings a surprise because quite often I can find things my family have never seen before.

This year too, I am going to have to get a Christmas tree. I know, I know I am a dreadful mother and my kids have been so deprived not to have a Christmas Tree. But for the first few years of my 5 year olds life he was too young to understand and other Christmas Holidays we go to the in-laws in Melbourne. This year though it will be celebrated here in sunny (?!) Coffs Harbour.

What are you doing this Christmas?

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  1. 'Joyce' says:

    *Yikes* 48 days now. Oh gosh, so ok, you have freaked me out! lol. We are spending Christmas and New Year in Coffs also. We love being home this time of year. Happy shopping and planning.

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