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My Mum doesn’t. My sister has, but only with my help. My Dad does, mainly for wine and camera lenses.

Online shopping. It seems that there is certainly a divided line between those who do and those who don’t. 

Last year I did a large chunk of my Christmas shopping online. I have 2 young kids, so trying to do the colossal amount of shopping I needed to was most certainly not my idea of fun – quite the opposite. Rather, I perused websites. I drank cups of tea and ate my Lindt chocolate at night finding all sorts of goodies. It was THE BEST Christmas ever for me – I saved money, I staggered my purchases so they didn’t all ‘sting’ me at once, I found some amazing & unique presents and they were delivered to my door! How much easier could it get? 

So I wanted to introduce you to Shopolat.  

Shopolat is about to make your life a whole more easier. To put it simply,  Shopolat is an online catalogue of online stores. And Shopolat has a lot of local influences – Lisa Nolan from Images of Life by Lisa does a lot of the photography and yours truly is the official Shopolat writer.

If you haven’t discovered the amazing world of online shopping you are in for a treat. With Christmas scarily close it is time to get your act into gear and get buying all those presents. But no fear, Shopolat is going to help you – big time!

All you need to do is visit – sign up (on the left hand side) and wait for a week or so for it to be delivered to your inbox. Then get clicking – there is a fantastic assortment of shops featured and some great gift ideas and it will make your life a lot easier.

Be careful though, once you have started it is definitely addictive.

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