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The Fairy Room – Baby Shower

Where: Shop 3/70 First Ave, Sawtell

What: The fairy Room loves magic! Hosting a beautiful enchanting shower high tea for you and 9 others. With you all getting your own fairy wings and crowns you’ll all be feeling the fairy magic!
We have a white cotton onesie for yourself and each guest to decorate for your little bundle of joy to wear or to treasure as a keepsake of your special day.

Contact: Facebook / Also visit website for more info








Sole Therapy, Therapeutic Reflexology

What: Trista treats all sorts of ailments from acute to chronic. Migraines, pain, menstrual issues, digestive disorders and sinusitis with everything  in between.

Trista also has a program called “Nurture Mother” which is dedicated to pre-conception ,the pregnancy and also after the birth:

“Nurture Mother” During Pregnancy: Swollen/hot feet-oedema, leg cramps, prevent morning sickness and heart burn, improve sleep quality/tiredness, ease back ache/sciatic pain, ease headaches, constipation, increase energy.

“Nurture Mother” After the birth: Milk production and flow, mastitis, balance hormones, relieve pelvic area, where intervention has been needed such as forceps, suction or C-Section, constipation, diaphragm soreness.

Contact: Trista 04099 44 022 / e.


metaquaMetaqua Water Fitness

Where: Coffs Harbour area

What: Designed for all fitness levels, Metaqua™ Water Fitness is an enjoyable, affordable and effective water fitness program using fins and a kickboard. Safe for men, women and children of all ages as the head remains out of the water at all times.

Metaqua covers all levels of fitness, you can set your own pace, it is low impact and increases energy and mobility. Best off all the exercises are easy to do and easy to learn and target specific areas of the body as well as overall fitness.

Contact: for more information visit where you can also download an instructional download. You can also call Sally on 0418 622 696


Coastal Pilates

Coastal Pilates & Fitness, 142 South Boambee Rd, Boambee. Pilates studio sessions for pre-natal mums right up until the birth and post-natal mums 6 weeks after the birth. 

Contact:  /p. 6658 5749.

Studio B Fitness Yoga and Pilates studio.

Classes include Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Mat Pilates, Sound healings, guided visualisations and Meditation Workshops. Limited Spaces available.

Contact: 0419275098  /

Coffs Harbour Acupuncture Clinic

87 West High St, Coffs Harbour. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help a lot of medical complaints and issues, for more information on how it can specifically help during pregnancy read the excellent article here.

Contact: 02 66512898 /

Relaxed Pregnancy & Birthing, plus Solutions for Children’s Stress Issues Heart Matters, Bellingen.

Hypnotherapy & relaxation techniques for pregnancy & birthing.  Proven results – connecting couples for a beautiful birthing experience. Also relaxation therapy for children with stress-related issues including bedwetting and sleeping issues.

Contact: Cindy 0417 892 011 /e. /

Belly, Birth & Bond Birth Doula Service
Bellingen, Coffs, Nambucca, Dorrigo and surrounding areas.
Contact: Freya 0432111853 / /

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