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Business Showcase: Birthsisters and Calmbirth


A gentle, natural and calm birth? Yes, it is possible!

When I was pregnant with Lennox (now almost 2 years old) I looked into Calmbirth® and only found sessions held in the capital cities, so I am very pleased to announce Calmbirth® classes are now being held in Coffs Harbour.

Megan Nourse, a registered Calmbirth® Practitioner – Child Birth Educator, founder of Birthsisters Doula Service and Professional Doula, is now offering Calmbirth® classes in Coffs Harbour. Calmbirth® is a unique birth education program that reminds mothers of their own inner resources and how to access and use them during the birth of their babies. The premise behind the Calmbirth® philosophy is that birth is a natural life event and women are perfectly designed to birth their babies gently, calmly and most often naturally. 

Megan does not ‘teach’ you, she gives you the information and tools to tap into the inate knowledge women have to give birth, to trust in your own body and connect with what is happening during labour. When parents chose to become informed and make educated choices Megan believes that the birth of a baby can be an empowering, life changing event. Megan states ‘how we are born matters; we as women have a unique right to birth our babies…….with this right comes profound responsibility, we must become informed consumers, we can no longer afford to be passive recipients of care. We must make educated & informed choices to enable ourselves to have empowered births. Empowered birthing creates empowered mothers, who in turn raise empowered children; this can and will change our world’

 Classes are held at the Pioneer Cottage, Coffs Harbour Showgrounds dates for 2011 so far are; May 21st and 22nd, July 23rd and 24th, October 1st and 2nd.  For bookings or details Megan can be contacted on 0488 589983, email at or go to . For more information about the Calmbirth® program go to

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  1. Sue Jackson says:

    Dear Megan
    I am very surprised to find this listing of your Calmbirth classes on the web. As you are no longer a registered Calmbirth practitioner and any use of the Calmbirth IP is illegal could you please arrange to have this page taken off this website. I understand that the dates mentioned are for 2011 and you have have overlooked doing this. However we ask that you do so as soon as possible.

    If at any time you would like to renew your Calmbirth practitioner registration and thus be licensed to run the Calmbirth programme please let us know.

    Sue Jackson

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