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Business showcase: Soul Therapy


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and having a session with Trista Shanahan, who runs “Soul Therapy” Reflexology.

I have had reflexology before, about 6 years ago. I was pregnant with my firstborn and 10 days overdue. So I went to have some relexology as it can stimulate parts of the body to help bring on labour. It didn’t work for me back then but I remember it being a very relaxing and soothing experience, particularly at that stage in my pregnancy.

My appointment with Trista was for no other reason than a treat. And in one word – it was bliss. I walked in feeling a little preoccupied and stressed and walked out of there feeling relaxed but also energised and invigorated.

For those of you who don’t know, reflexology works on the underlying premise that there are “reflex” areas on the hands and feet that correspond to different parts of your body.

Given how many nerve endings are in our feet, it makes sense that other areas, glands and organs are connected to our feet.

Trista treats all sorts of ailments from acute to chronic. Migraines, pain, menstrual issues, digestive disorders and sinusitis with everything in between.
Trista also has a program called “Nurture Mother” which is dedicated to pre-conception, the pregnancy (leg cramps, morning sickness, back ache etc) and also after the birth (balance hormones, relieve pelvic area where intervention was needed such as forceps, C-section deliveries and assist milk flow).

My hour with Trista was the best use of an hour I have done in a long time and I can’t wait to go back to see her. In a way it was like a really long foot massage but seemed to make me feel good all over. Like I said = bliss!

Trista works in Sawtell and Bellingen and you can contact her on 04099 44 022

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