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Coffs for Kids Craft: Jellyfish Bags

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Another fantastic craft idea I found on Pinterest – Paper Bag Jellyfish. This was easy to do and lots of fun!

All you need is:

  • paper bags (gift-style bags with a square bottom that is used as the Jellyfish head)
  • googly eyes
  • paints
  • glue
  • scissors (pinking shears would be great but I couldn’t find mine so we just used normal scissors)
  • glitter glue or other paints to decorate/embellish (optional)


We started by painting one side of the paper bags. You can then add glitter glue, glitter or other paint embellishments to decorate.

We then left them to dry for an hour or so while we did something else.



After that, simply glue on the googly eyes and cut the bottom of the bag into strips to make jellyfish legs.



If you want full instructions you can visit this website:




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10 Ideas to Entertain Bored Kids

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School holidays – there will come a day, a morning or an afternoon where you’ll inevitably hear the words “Mum, what can I do?” or “I’m bored!”

Here are 10 ideas I’ve come across that are great activities to entertain the kids these school holidays:

md106062_1010_msl_sw_halloween_0398_vertFossil Cookies / Martha Stewart

photo-4Fire Breathing Dragons / Bbcino Kids

DSC_0434 copy-cs3-blogThumbprint Spiders / Meet the Dubiens

ss_101516268Mushroom House /

birdfeeder-bearHomemade bird feeders / Kates Creative Space

Hopscotch50 old-fashioned games /

Fairy-villageStone Village / Thinly Spread

h1Grape & Toothpick Scupltures / The Artful Parent

cando-robots-craft-photo-420-FF1108EFA01Can-do Robots / Spoonful

c89a3e2d12514717454962Pebble Monsters / Cocoa Bean

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Easter Hat Ideas

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You know that feeling when your kids come home from school, it’s 7pm at night and they suddenly announce they have an Easter Hat Parade day at school tomorrow? Yes, well it happened to me last year but this year Mummy has learnt and I am now prepared.

So I thought I would share some ideas I’ve come across on Pinterest to give you some inspiration if you too will be making Easter Hats this weekend!


Image source: All Things Crafty


Image source: The Party People

6a00e54ecc66978833014e605fc214970c-800wiImage source: The Crooked House

d5a104ece2fe2581cae7da25b4fc0903Image source: Pinterest

9b3639ee89b926a2a546edda903bdf34Image source: Pinterest

2011-04-08-Callum-easter-haImage source: The World According to Cass

chicken_rabbit_hats-400x536Image source: Fun Family Crafts

hat7Image source: Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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8 Things to do with a Cardboard Boxes

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Yesterday I bought my son a new pair of shoes. Instead of being excited about getting a new pair of shoes, he was more excited about the shoe-box. What is it with kids and  boxes? We all know that at Christmas time kids are more likely to be seen trying to fit themselves in a box a truck came in instead of playing with the truck itself.

So in dedication to kids and their love of boxes, here are 8 uses for recycling cardboard boxes I found on Pinterest (click on the blue headings for more information on each of the creations).

Car & Train Box

This is an easy one, just use some textas to design the roads and cutout some tunnels for the cars! If you feel like being really adventurous you could make a bridge as well.








Car Wash 

You need to checkout the blog this one came from to appreciate this one to the full extent. Inside there are rollers made out of pieces of craft foam and packaging material – quite an amazing creation!







Cardboard Box Town

This one is quite effective yet easy to do – just draw on roads, parks, ponds etc (the kids can help do this as well) then get some of their blocks and bridges, people and of course, cars and trucks! Best of all the playing stays enclosed in one area (in theory anyway…!)






 Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet

Some old tissue boxes, some paint, glue, duct tape and a kitchen sponge is all you need to make these scary dinosaur feet!





Recycled Garage

Another easy on using some cereal boxes and toilet paper or paper towel tubes, some strong tape and texta for drawing in parking spaces!







 Mail Box

This is a fantastic one that also encourages kids to write letters so they can mail them. If they can’t write they can draw pictures! Also click the link for some other fantastic box ideas including a little house for soft toys, guitar, boat, oven, puppet stage and more!








Ball Maze

This is a fantastic one made out of tubes cut in half, glued to a big box. Use small balls such as ping pongs or experiment with other objects what works best on the maze.











Monster box

I love these! Made out of tissue boxes, egg carton eyes and white craft foam for the teeth. Paint/decorate as you please! These guys look really effective.







And there are more! There are tonnes of ideas on Pinterest and we also found another blog here with 32 ideas on what to do with cardboard boxes.






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