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Child Dental Benefits Schedule



When the Child Dental Benefits Schedule was introduced in 2014 I thought it was a fantastic initiative by the Government to provide up to $1000 worth dental care over a 2 year period for eligible kids aged 2-17 years of age.  I have utilised the CDBS, taking both my boys for check ups and cleans at The Dental Centre, all covered under the scheme.

I learnt about 2 weeks ago it was at threat of being axed by our current Government which is very disappointing news. You may have read the article in yesterday’s Advocate which you can online read here.

The article is based on the following Letter to the Editor:

We would like to draw the community’s attention to the government’s proposed closure of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).
Over the past two years, many local dentists have been treating patients under the CDBS: it is a means-tested way of providing access to basic dental services such as getting children out of pain, removing decay and teaching good oral hygiene techniques. Despite the Schedule items falling short of normal fees, we (and the majority of participating dental practitioners) elected to bulk bill treatment under the programme to maximise accessibility and minimise out-of-pocket expenses.
As an indication of the impact of the programme, in 2015 we performed over 1400 examinations, placed nearly 600 fillings and cleaned the teeth of 1200 eligible kids. We have seen many families seek care who may otherwise have been unable to. The intention to disband the CDBS in the coming months will have an immediate and drastic impact on their oral health.
If you would like to show your support for the continuation of this scheme then please visit and sign the petition created by the Australian Dental Association.
Dr Scott Geddes Dr Kate Amos Dr Margaret Roberts Dr Sam Rosehill Dr Gillian Herring Dr Simon Sweet Dr Scott Davis Mr Phil Ramsden Mrs Cathy Kelleher.
The Dental Centre


So what can you do?

I encourage all parents to sign a petition online, it only takes a few seconds and the more people that sign it the more likely we will be listened to. As the final paragraph in the petition page says “we need more government funding of dental services, not less.”

Click here to sign and you can also paste to your Facebook page to share with your friends. #savetheCDBS


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