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Coffs Creative Mums’ Market



Well the day we have all been waiting for is almost here – first ever Coffs Creative Mums’ Market.

I remember when I first had the idea for a market like this – around November last year when all the school and pre-school fetes are on I missed out on Narranga Primary School but Robyn from Rainbows and Ringlets and Trish from MugArt were talking on Facebook and I thought what a great idea it would be to have all these sort of clever and talented local Mums in the one place. And a bonus would be that I would get to meet all of them!

So after a few conversations with Cathy Parker, the lovely lady from Tabatinga we started planning a market around 10 weeks ago and the day is almost upon us!

The response has been overwhelming, we aimed for 25 tables and have stretched it out to 28. I am still getting emails almost daily requesting more tables! All the talented and creative Mums are coming out of the woodworks! For the full list of stallholders click on the red monsters picture above.

If you haven’t got it in big red texta on your calendar yet then mark it:

When: Sunday 15th May from 9am – midday.

Where: Tabatinga, Bray St Complex, Coffs Harbour

Entry: Free for adults, entry for accompanying kids is $2 into the Jungle Gym (bring socks!).

There is going to be a HUGE lucky door prize – we have had 25 wonderful prizes donated from all of the stallholders so we have decided to have 25 lucky door prizes! Make sure you fill out an entry form when you come to the market.

Given the response (and the market hasn’t even happened yet!) Cathy and I are already planning another and another and another…

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  1. What a great idea! I’d be interested in having a stall if there’s someone that could run it for me. My Pilanky is becoming increasingly popular with Mums.
    I would offer good commission for someone to help sell my products at this market.

    Happy Jo

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Jo,
      how are you? I could probably sell some Pilanky’s at the next market for you. Will see you at the Bello Markets and have a chat.
      Talk soon,
      Heidi x

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