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Coffs for Kids – wanna help??



Ok we are making a few teeny weeny changes over here at Coffs for Kids and would like to invite YOU to be more involved. So we are looking for:

* Guest blog writers – you can write about anything: being a parent, having kids on the Coffs Coast, living near the beach, anything at all you think our readers would be interested in.

* Tips, Recipes, thoughts, hints etc

* Videos/photos and reviews on local parks and attractions

* We have also started Coffs for Kids “Goodnight kisses” on Facebook where we shout-out 3 or 4 pages. We need some photos, please¬†send them in – photos of your kids asleep ‘cos they always look so adorable and cute when they are sleeping!

* We also invite you to send in any community or other events you know of that aren’t on the events calendar. For example, I know a lot of fairs and fetes are coming up so please email me and let me know, I will certainly be more than happy to promote for you!

Any other suggestions? Let me know!

ALSO  Рwe are doing a call-out for donations of prizes for the Coffs for Kids Annual Photo Competition which we will be launching next month. If you are a business or know of anyone interested in donating a prize and showing their support for our great website please email me!

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you,



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