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Competition Countdown #8 – Close Parent Coffs Harbour


In no particular order Coffs for Kids will be doing a ‘competition countdown’ of all the businesses who have very generously donated a prize in our huge photo competition. There are 25 prizes in total and Sally from Close Parent Coffs Harbour  has donated a pop-in trial pack (1 x modern cloth nappy nappy with wetbag and flushable liner)

 The countdown continues at business #8 – Close Parent Coffs Harbour. 

I used traditional cloth nappies on my first born child and now I use modern cloth nappies with my 2nd child. I wish I had discovered modern cloth nappies (or MCNs) sooner! 

For those of you who don’t know what a modern cloth nappy is – well the easiest way to describe it is like a reusable disposable nappy. Basically it is designed like a disposable in the way it is pre-fitted but it is made of cloth which can be washed and used again. Similar to the traditional square cloth nappy but a lot more convenient, easier to use, more absorbent and a lot cuter! 

I have done a lot of research into modern cloth nappies and consider the Close Parent Pop-In nappy one of the best available. They won the Mother & Baby magazine silver award in 2009 as well as Gold in the Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards for 2010/11 for best reusable nappy. Considering the huge amount of MCNs on the market these days, this is a pretty big deal. 

The Pop-In nappy is super-easy to wash – no soaking is required; just pull it apart, pop it in a dry nappy bucket, then when the bucket is full throw it all in the washing machine and hang out to dry. They are very soft and cute and come in 5 gorgeous colours. And the best thing about Pop-In nappies is they have 3 sets of snaps to fold down depending on the size of your baby, so will fit from newborn through to a toddler toilet training. 

Close Parent make a lot of other amazing products which I am going to blog about soon, as there are some great new products coming early December.

 Sally has just starting consulting in the local area for Close Parent and you can book a free nappy party through her email Facebook users can also keep up-to-date at:

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