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Defining 4orty


I am petrified about turning 40. In fact I was only telling one of my friends the other day that just before my 40th I am going to find a cave in the woods and stay out there with no concept of the days or time – and my 40th will come and go without me even knowing it.

I just turned 37 and with a few of my friends already starting to turn 40 the prospect of turning the big four-oh is very scary.

Then I read “Defining 4orty” by Stephanie Small. Stephanie is a local author and photographer who lives in Sawtell who published this, her first book last year. It is a collection of stories and photos from sixteen women who talk about what like is like at the age of 40 and their journey in reaching this milestone age.

Defining 4orty is a beautiful book. It has great design with gorgeous photos and quotes throughout. It is an interesting book and very insightful with many subjects discussed: relationships, raising children, blended families, single motherhood, surviving cancer, battling depression, overcoming addiction, online dating, buying age appropriate clothes, going back on the Pill and much more.

And you know what? It actually changed my mind a little bit about turning 40 because it made me realise that my teenage years were pretty crap, my 20s even crappier, my 30s marginally better and well – by my 40s I should have learnt all my lessons and be a lot wiser and more settled within myself. And as Simone from the book says “perhaps our forties are only the beginning of this new way of seeing and living.” I tend to agree.

Defining 4orty would make an absolutely perfect present for any female friend you know turning 40, or even who is already there. It is inspiring and the stories are real. And guess what? I might just be reconsidering my hiding-in-a-cave idea after reading it.

You can purchase the book via the website

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