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Did someone say Party?


I was making dinner the other night when my 5 year old son starting asking me “Mum, how do you spell Jack?” … and then: “Mum, how do you spell Blake?”… and then: “Mum, how to do you spell Alexi?” I finally asked him what he was doing. “Just writing out the names of my friends who are coming to my birthday this year.”

The dread hit. And HOW did he remember than I had promised him (ages ago) a party this year? Kids parties are SO much work. The pressure of food, entertainment, making sure everyone is happy…

And then the brilliant idea struck me: the solution to that dread. Just get someone else to do the party!

One of my friend’s declared recently that having her son’s party at Tabatinga was the best, the easiest and the most enjoyable party ever (not only for her but for all the kids and other adults as well).

And it just so happens Tabatinga have just announced an amazing offer:

Book a birthday party and receive a PARTY PASSPORT valued at $100.00.

This bonus includes:

FREE extra 2 party guests

FREE $20 giftcard from Park Beach Plaza

FREE movie ticket from Birch, Carroll and Coyle

FREE Kids meal from the Greenhouse Tavern

FREE ice-cream from Baskin and Robbins

There are only a limited number of these available so you need to call and book a party right now – you can check out the 5 minute party planner:

(And after all that hard work of planning you are allowed to keep the $20 Park Beach Plaza gift voucher for yourself…)

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