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Fingerprints forever ….


You know when you get something (like a pair of pretty new shoes) and you can’t stop looking at it and admiring it? Well I’ve just received such an item and I am totally in love… my precious necklace with my two sons’ fingerprints from Smallprint.

I’ll start backwards… first of all when I received my necklace I was immediately impressed at the packaging and the way it was presented, something so special certainly deserves to be packaged very specially!

Inside the box, my necklace with two fingerprints pendants made from .999 silver and almost as thick as a 10cent piece so the pendants are very solid. Some of my friends have these necklaces and I have also seen them on display but looking at it again I couldn’t help but be impressed how beautiful the quality of the silver is.

According to Georgia my kids have good “whorls’ and hopefully you can see how beautifully my pendants turned out.


And on the back, their names and ages are carefully written.

So how is it all done? Well the best thing is that the fingerprints on the pendants are the actual impressions – there are no moulds or transferring of prints done. Georgia rolls out what looks like a piece of white bluetac, gently yet firmly presses the finger into the clay and then carefully examines it under the light to ensure a good print. If she isn’t happy then she does it again.

She then gets out what looks like a mini cookie cutter to cut out the shape of the pendant you want (circle, teardrop, heart or flower) and carefuly stores and labels it ready for the next step.

The clay used is a silver clay, so when Georgia fires it the organic materials burn off and leave a beautiful shiny silver with fingerprints you can keep forever.

Oh – I should mention that there are a lot more options than just a pendant necklace, there is a whole range of other options to have made into charms, keyrings, dogtags, mobile phone charms, cufflinks, christening gifts and Christmas decorations.

Smallprint also has:

Minimaster piece – where you can turn your favourite piece of children’s artwork or drawing into a pendant or keyring

High Fives & Little Kickers – mini replicas of their hand or footprint made into a charm, pendant, keyring or cufflink.

Love Letters – your child’s handwriting made into a charm, pendant, keyring or cufflink.

And if you can’t decide, of course you can always get a Smallprint Gift Voucher!

Now here is a big tip: this is a truly beautiful and very precious present to have made for your Mum or Grandmother. Mother’s Day is coming up, so grab a little hand or two and take them down to the Made with Love Markets on March 11th where Georgia will be. Be sure to make an appointment first. (contact info for Georgia can be found here)

I cannot recommend this jewellery enough and I know I will cherish it forever and remember when my grown up boys had little bitty fingerprints!


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