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I was talking to a friend the other day who told me how he’d recently been to a garage sale and bought a rare Jimi Hendrix double LP for $2! He was pretty happy about that find.

From the likers from the Online Garage Sale Facebook page, here are a few of the bargains they have found:

Brooke: A webber BBQ with accessories for $15 BARGAIN!!!

Christopher: Raised platform dog bed for $5, which our Blue Heeler loves

Nikki: Albert namatjira watercolor painting

Allison: Picked up a tiny red italian vase for my collection for 5 bucks which is now worth hundreds!

Coming up this month, the garage sale to end all garage sales!

Called “Garage Sale Trail”, it has been running for 3 years and is an Australia-wide event. The idea behind the Garage Sale Trial is that communities around Australia organise to hold garage sales on the same day – Saturday October 26th.

According to the website:

We’re into sustainability, by redistributing great stuff and saving it from landfill. 

We’re into community, by making a great occasion for you to connect with people in your neighbourhood. 

We’re into you making some money from stuff you would otherwise have thrown away, for you or your favourite charity.

So far Garage Sale has redistributed one million items from potential landfill, helped raise $3 million in local fundraising, and helped 800,000 people to meet their neighbours in Australia

To get involved, you can click here to register a garage sale here.

Or you can view the “Treasure Trail” and save the places you want to visit. Keep checking back as the day gets nearer, more will be added.

If you are planning a garage sale, please leave a comment here to tell everyone about it!


Here are two other great events to go to on October 26th – visit both as they are quite close to each other.


Market Poster 26 Oct 2013


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  1. Vanessa Hampshire says:

    Keen Garage Sale Trailblazers can also head to 1 Korora School Rd on the 26th October. Lots of goodies to interest those into baking, craft, interesting timber furniture, books,new jewellery (Christmas gifts?) and much,much more. This is a one-way street which runs by the “top” end of Kororo Public School, entry via the highway. (We are just before the school).

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