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Growers Market turns 10 years old


growerslittleI’ve been going to the Growers Market every Thursday for years and years. It has become a regular Thursday visit, no matter what else I have on. Only if I am out of town do I miss one. My kids are growing up on fruit and vegetables grown locally that I buy directly from the farmer. Not only that, to food is cheaper AND of course, fresher!

For some reason I take a lot of comfort in putting a face behind the people that grow our food. I can talk to them, ask them what is in and out of season and how much longer until the lychees come (my 4 year olds weekly question!)  The “Growers”  are always friendly, always ready for a quick (or long) chat, always happy to see you and happy to be there.

The variety now at the Growers Market is just amazing. All sorts of fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, breads, soaps, jams and chutneys, Greek food, pretzels, pasta, coffee, plants, baked goods,  bread, blueberry sauces – the list goes on. You can do your entire fresh food shop and then some!

This Thursday 31st October, the market turns 10 years old and there are some celebrations planned:

  • Mayor cutting the birthday cake at 10am free coffee’s from Cocoas for the first 25 people
  • Mini banana Olympics from 10.30am including banana juggling, banana eating and other fun events. Great prizes from The Cheese Making Workshop, Pig in a Pickle, Charlies Restaurant, Zulu’s Restaurant and more.
  • Cooking demonstration and free samples with Cocoas chef Peter


The Growers Market is on every Thursday from 8am until around 3pm in the City Square, Coffs Harbour.



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