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Happy New Year!


Did you know that the celebration of New Year is the oldest of all holidays and was first celebrated in ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago? New Year’s is only day we celebrate the passing of time, and over the years the actual date it is celebrated on has been change a lot until 153BC the Romans declared January 1st to be the beginning of the New Year.

To my 5 year old New Year’s Eve means fireworks. I remember once upon a time when fireworks were legal my Dad would set them off in our backyard. My favourite was the one that popped and down fell a minature hot-air balloon. It was always a race to see who could find it. Alas, now the fireworks no longer have mini hot air balloons but these days we are dazzled by million-dollar displays of “pyrotechnics”.

This year I am going to battle the crowds – well not so much the crowds, but the traffic – and take my 5 year old down to the Jetty to see the fireworks at 9.30pm. The Jetty is a perfect place to hold fireworks, there are lots of places and vantage points around the harbour and beach where you can set up an evening picnic and just relax.

If you prefer to stay at home there is the coverage from Sydney on Channel 9 starting at 7.30pm. The family fireworks are on at 8.40pm and the fireworks finale starts at 11.45pm. Apparently it is going to be the biggest and best fireworks ever, and over $2million has been spent on the fireworks alone.

And don’t forget on New Year’s Day is the Sawtell Family Fun Day – more details under ‘event calendar’.

What are your plans this New Year’s Eve?

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