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How to combat Lunchbox Blues…


*Thanks to Tanya for writing this guest post*

Well the school holidays are nearly over and I’m sure I can hear a few of you breathing a sigh of relief!

My eldest is starting “big school” this year and so I have been wracking my brain as to what to pack in his lunch box. I have done heaps of research on the internet and it appears that bento is creeping into western lunch boxes in a big way. For those of you wanting to jazz up the traditional lunch box it can be as simple as placing fruit into a cupcake holder and cutting sandwiches into imaginative shapes with the help of a cookie cutter.

Although I’m not an advocate of playing with your food, being the creative person that I am, I think imaginative presentation is a wonderful idea. After attempting a couple of different things with my youngest, he even started trying new foods and so I was hooked.

I went in search of some bento products and had so much fun creating new meals that I decided to expand my tootle business by becoming a stockist. These wonderful products give you even more options to liven up your toddlers meals!

If you’re interested I will also be branching out to provide tootle parties which will include a demonstration on livening up a lunchbox!

How about the following examples to combat the lunchbox blues?

lunch3 lunch2 lunch1


Tanya is a local Mum and owns , which does not only sell fantastic little backpacks specially designed for toddlers but has heaps of great recipes and activities as well. Make sure you have a look at the website and Facebook page.


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  1. MyLunchBox says:

    The Bento Lunch Box is very healthy and useful. Thank you for this goog idea :-)

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