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Interview with Tanika from Hi-5



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I was VERY pleased to be offered an opportunity to interview one of the members of Hi-5, Tanika.

Tanika Anderson is the newest member of Hi-5, replacing Lauren Brant in June this year. Hi-5 will visiting Coffs Harbour as part of their “House Hits” tour with a show at C.ex Coffs on Sunday 25th January.

Special thanks to Tanika who answered my questions while currently on tour with Hi-5 in Malaysia!

Hi-5 launched in 1999 when you were just 5 years old – do you remember watching it as a kid?

I sure did! I used to sing and dance in front of the TV whenever the shows were on!

If so, did you watch it and think “I want to be on Hi-5 when I grow up?”

It actually inspired me to be a performer. I never thought that I would one day I’d actually get to become a Hi-5er!

You joined Hi-5 this June replacing Lauren and you are currently on a tour of Asia. You must be pretty excited about returning home for your first Australian tour?

I’m very excited and can’t wait to perform in front of my family and friends. 

So first stop is Forster, and second stop is Coffs Harbour?

Yes! We’ll be in Forster on January 24th at Club Forster and then Coffs Harbour on the 25th January at C.EX Coffs.

Have you been to Coffs Harbour before? If so, what do you remember about it/favourite places?

My grandparents actually live in Sawtell! I used to fly up to Sawtell every school holiday and spend at least 2-3 weeks quality time with my Nan, Granda and my little cousins. Now I fly up to see them whenever I get the chance. 

We often go the Coffs Harbour jetty and have the famous Fish and Chips and climb Muttonbird Island 🙂

I also have relatives in Coffs Harbour and Nambucca Heads. My little cousins goes to Boambee Public School and they are very excited that I’m in Hi-5, so this tour is very special to me.

Are you going to have an opportunity to do some sightseeing?

One of the things I used to do with my family was go on horse riding trails, go-karting, enjoy the scenic drives to Bellingen and Dorrigo. Hopefully I would be able to do these again next time I visit.


I read that your favourite animal is the Dolphin and Chats’ favourite food is mashed banana. Both of you will be in heaven here with two icons that make Coffs Harbour famous, the Big Banana and Dolphin Marine Magic – are these places on your list of places to visit while you are here?

Oh yes, whenever I visit Coffs Harbour, the Big Banana is always on my “To Visit” list. I love the toboggan rides, the Water Park and am always fascinated with how they make candy in the Candy Kitchen. 

We’re actually visiting The Big Banana on Friday 16th January, I can’t wait to have the cast join me on the toboggan ride!

I have visited the Dolphin Marine Magic before and got to feed the dolphins, hopefully I’ll be able to swim with them one day.

Hi-5 is loved all over the world, is shown in over 80 countries and has reached over 10 million kids since they started. When you look at these numbers and think you are apart one of the Hi-5, does this overwhelm you?

I’m so honoured to be part of Hi-5 and to know that I will play a part in continuing to entertain children around the world is so special. I consider myself very fortunate.

You recently launched a new TV series on Nickelodeon Junior, and you’ve already done a lot of work in TV and on stage. What would you prefer?

I enjoyed both as they are so different. Working on the TV series taught me how to deal with the technical aspect which is such an invaluable experience. With stage shows I get to perform live and interact directly with the audience. I always get a buzz with the positive energy all the kids exudes at the shows! Oh I must not forget the beautiful parents who bring their kids to our shows, some of them grew up watching Hi-5 too!

Happy Birthday for the 8th January! Any plans for your 21st?

Thank you! It’ll be a quiet celebration with my family and friends.


Hi-5 will be coming to C.ex Coffs at 10am Sunday 25th January.

You can buy tickets at reception or online at

hi five



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