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Introducing J.R. Supersports!


 We’ve turned your Child Problem into a Solution. With the school holidays finally here many parents are left wondering how to fill the void left by the absence of the school day.

At last there is an answer! A Jr. Superstar Sports Superfun Holiday Session will provide your child with the exciting activities based day out they’ve been craving and leave you with the peace of mind knowing that they are being cared for in a safe and extremely fun environment. We’ll take the most energetic, hyperactive child and hand them back in a state of blissful exhaustion* so you can enjoy their company in the peace and quiet that nature intended.

So when you’ve had enough, of the screaming and the boredom we’re the place that’s so much fun out of the sun filled with Skills Fitness and Fun… All in One.

Find us on Facebook for daily specials or visit our website for more details. You can have a look at the calendar which provides activities throughout the school holiday such as Kinder Play Session, Gymnastics and the 3 hour super session (gymnastics, trampolining, games, rock climbing, play centre, ball sports, super jumping castle and a dash of athletics!

*Jr. Superstar Sports accepts no liability for children that still have energy at the end of the session, we did our best.

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