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Martial Arts


Where: 74 Bray St, Coffs Harbour

What: PCYC Judo – Learn how to defend yourself and fall safely while having fun in both recreational and competitive judo. Judo is a martial art and Olympic sport, ideal for males and females.

Meaning ‘the gentle way’in Japanese, judo has a strong emphasis on safety.
Improve flexibility, balance, posture, co-ordination. Build confidence, self esteem, discipline and self control.

Contact: 66 51 9961 / / Also on Facebook


Kaigan-Kan Karate Do Coffs Harbour

Where: 2/12 Keona Circuit, Coffs Harbour, 

What: Coffs Harbour’s newest Karate Club. Instructing students in traditional martial arts and tournament practices. After more than 25 years the Kaigan-Kan Karate-Do martial arts school has re-open under the direction of the acclaimed Shihan, Bill Young.

The full-time Dojo is run by accredited WMAA instructors, Mr Tony Capararo and Mr Ron Abela, and offers a positive and safe environment for training and learning martial arts.

Students at the Kaigan-Kan Karate-Do school are offered an avenue for shared learning through a blend of traditional and modern martial arts. Specifically, Kaigan-Kan will provide training in traditional Shotokan forms, self-defense and a separate weapons training night.

Most importantly, Kaigan-Kan Karate-Do school focuses on the development of body, mind, and spirit and encourage respect, honesty and group learning.
Contact: m.  0409 113 900 / / Also on Facebook

C4 Mixed Martial Arts

2/6 O’Keefe Dr, Coffs Harbour. C4 Mixed Martial Arts offers a friendly, ego free environment in which to train and welcomes men, women and children of all experience levels.


Combined Self Defence & Fitness

3/192 Orlando St, Coffs Harbour & Bayldon Community Centre. Little Warriors (Kindy to 7 yrs) and Warriors (7-13yrs)


Diamond Martial Arts

7 Elswick Pl, Coffs Harbour. Classes for kids such as Little Dragons (3-7 year old) and Kid Kick (8-13 yr olds)



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