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Metaqua 12 week challenge: Week 11


The challenge is still on! Due to work commitments, childcare issues, meetings and other assorted reasons (mainly my fault) we (my Mum, Pandora and I) don’t always meet twice a week, but most of the time we are pretty good.

And while technically next week is our the last week of the challenge, we will definitely be continuing it.

As part of the challenger I am still not eating bread and I am happy to report that a couple of weeks ago one of my friends that I hadn’t seen in about a month looked me up and down and asked: “have you lost weight?”

Well I have to admit my jeans are feeling looser and I am fitting into some shorts I couldn’t fit into this time last year.

But where I am really noticing it is in my arms. I find it really hard to get any sort of tone on my arms but the exercises we do in the water where we are using our arms to move through the water (such as the knee or butt board where we sit/kneel on the kickboard and only use our arms to move ourselves up and down the length of the pool) seem to be really having an effect.

My next goal: to fit into a size 10 pair of little jean shorts I bought from Target last week.

If you are interested in learning more about Metaqua please read my previous posts on my 12 week challenge.

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