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Metaqua Challenge Week 1


For anyone that knows me the very fact I have just started a 12 week challenge may come as a big surprise. I am not a fitness person – challenges, boot camps, gyms, running, fitness – not for me. But Sally from Metaqua was clever in her method of getting me to agree to do this one…

Backtrack 6 weeks ago: I dragged Mum along to the lovely new heated Olympic Pool after meeting Sally Beresford, the lady behind Metaqua. We did an introductory class with Sal and I was pleasantly surprised to find I actually enjoyed it. The exercises were easy and the variety in movements made me feel like I was actually doing good to different parts of my body.

That day I also met Pandora, who is the local Metaqua teacher. A couple days later Sally called me and asked if Mum and I would be interested in a 12 week challenge. Challenge? What exactly does that mean? Well it’s pretty simple: 2 classes a week with Pandora and we are not to eat any bread. Whatever else I do is up to me.

So what is Metaqua? Basically Metaqua is a series of exercises you do in the water using flippers and a kickboard. There are around 20 different exercises that target specific areas of your body. One by one each exercise works a different area so you really feel like you are getting a good workout without it being strenuous.You can go at your own pace, so it is ideal for all levels and ages. Best of all you don’t get your hair wet and you can gossip talk while you are doing it!

You can have a look at the website for more information or if you are interested in having a lesson contact Sally on 0418 622 696.

I will be posting more about our 12 week challenge and how we are progressing. For our first day though, we did pretty well. Even though right about now I feel like having a little afternoon nap…


  1. Klaus says:

    Don t understand how exactly i got in here but i m really glad i ve found it. Neaah… i m starting to believe google is begining to read my mind 🙂 Nice work!

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