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No Other Place Like Coffs


From my fortnightly column published in The Coffs Coast Independent (16/7/2012)



I grew up in Coffs – not born and bred exactly, my parents moved here when I was 6 months old – good enough.

I remember when Coffs didn’t have McDonalds. I remember when there used to be a drive-in cinema where Watson’s Caravans is now. I remember when the main street was High Street, then a mall then back and renamed Harbour Drive. I remember when the Plaza was just a supermarket and butcher. I remember when there was a roller -skating rink opposite the plaza. And I remember when there was a group of restaurants at the top of the Big Banana.

I left Coffs when I was 18 years old and have travelled a fair bit and without exaggeration we have the best beaches I have seen. I didn’t realise just how stunning, clean and uncrowded they were until I went to famous beaches like Nice in France and Venice Beach in LA. Up and down the Coffs Coast there are so many places to go for picnics and BBQs, so many different beaches and national parks that we are most certainly spoiled for choice.

This was one of the big reasons I moved back, I love the natural beauty of Coffs. The fact I can drive no more than 10 minutes and be at the ocean. I get amused at myself when I get annoyed at “peak hour traffic” trying to get off Combine onto the highway at 8.30am in the morning (and I remember when there weren’t even traffic lights there!). The other big reason I moved back was to be near my family. But the biggest reason of all was of all the places I have lived and travelled too, when I came to the thought of having kids I just couldn’t imagine raising them anywhere else. It’s the lifestyle, it’s the sun, it’s the lack of busy, it’s the open spaces and it is the community.

And running the Coffs for Kids website I am in a better position than most to know just how much there is in this town for kids to do. In fact, every school holidays I simply don’t have enough time to take my kids to do everything! We have some fantastic kids play centres, school sports activities, the shopping centres run activities, movies and even our clubs are very family friendly.

So when my friends who don’t live here ask me “what is Coffs like for kids?” The Coffs Coast is such a great place to raise kids, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Erin says:

    Definitely! And it’s for that very reason that my Husband and I moved from Sydney, our home for over 25 years, to start a family in the best place we could find 🙂 We’ve been here for three years now and have never looked back.

  2. Louise Kerr says:

    Yes totally agree. i drive regularly towards Grafton and always try to look to the left out over towards the ocean. One of the most wonderful views anywhere in Sydney. Not so long ago my daughter and i were on a day trip out of Airlie Beach on the Whitsundays and they kept on saying how wonderful their beaches were and we kept looking at each other and saying …… “mummmm they are nicer at Coffs”

    Not to mention the drop dead fantastic weather.

    regards Louise kerr

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