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One sick Mummy!


If you think things have been quiet around here for the past couple of weeks well yes, I’ve been a little under the weather.

First both my kids got sick and I of course followed virtually the day they got better. After a week of suffering I finally decided to haul myself off to the doctor, get a course of anti-biotics and well here I am back again, not quite 100% but feeling a LOT better.

After my 5 year old son was sick, spending a few days lying on the lounge or in bed having his Mummy bring him juice, lemonade ice-blocks, little cups of foul medicine and changing the TV between movies and ABC 2 – I tried to explain to him that when Mummy’s got sick there was no one really to look after them. Even trying to have a “rest” on the lounge for 5 minutes some days seemed like an impossible task.

Perhaps that is one of the hardest things about being a Mum is when you get sick, because Mummy’s can’t call in sick with their allotted 5 sick days per year. We have to push on through, change nappies, prepare food, make sure the house still functions in some basic order and all while cleaning up the trail of tissues we leave behind us.

But what really got me when I went to the Doctor the other day is when he looked at me and said “you need to take things easy get some rest”. I almost snorted in his face. I had to bite my tongue from blurting out “But I am a mother!”

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  1. Christie says:

    I really feel for you!
    It wasn’t long ago that the same thing happened to me!
    My hubby is an interstate truck driver, so he is barely home all week!
    So when I get sick- I have no one to help out with kids etc- except one or two really close friends (who have their own kids, so are busy as it is already!!)
    There is a mummy insurance company- who for quite an expensive monthly contribution- can help out with a cook/cleaner/taxi driver etc for the time you are sick. Hmmm, if only we could all afford that!

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