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Our Easter Egg decorating tradition


For the past two years I have a tradition of decorating hard-boiled eggs with my son as Easter egg-gifts for our family. Everyone loves a hard-boiled egg for lunch and this is a healthy and crafty way to spread Easter cheer without involving chocolate!

Here are the easy step-by-step instructions:

1.Boil some eggs (we recommend the farm-fresh eggs that can be bought at one of various stalls at the Coffs Growers Market every Thursday).

2. With some crayons decorate the outside of the egg – circular stripes, large multi-coloured spots and squiggles work well.

3. In a bowl combine 2tsp of vinegar with some food colouring, add some water and place the eggs inside. Leave as long as you need to achieve desired colour. The wax in the crayons will resist the dye and the pattern will show through.

4. You can also carefully wrap a boiled egg in rubber bands and place in the coloured water. Gently dry with a paper towl and remove the rubber bands, this also creates a great pattern.

We then place all the eggs in a nice wicker basket and Mason chooses which egg will go to which person.

This is a very easy activity, so best done the day before Easter or even the morning of Easter. We find that if you put the coloured eggs in the fridge the dye will start to come off so try and encourage eating straight away!

Here is a link to a dozen ways to decorate eggs including using some natural dyes such as onion skins and tumeric:

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