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Our Trip to the Cold – Part 2 (Green Valley Farm)


It’s been called “Australia’s Strangest Theme Park” – and it certainly is a very different place. Saying that, we all LOVED it and it will go down as one of those family memories that we will talk about for years…

Green Valley Farm is located 10kms out of Tingha, so 3 hours 24 mins from Coffs via Dorrigo/Ebor and Guyra OR 3 hours 43 minutes via Grafton and Glen Innes. We were staying at Guyra, so it was roughly a 50 minute drive.

And yes, it is out in the middle of nowhere on a sheep farm!

Green Valley Farm feels like you’re stepping back in time, to the days of my childhood. The rides there and they are no fuss, no frills, just plain old fun. No shiny signs or machinery, just very cleverly built handmade metal rides. Green Valley Farm was built in the 1980s and thankfully, nothing much has changed.


There are 3-way see saws, a giant spinning cage, pile of HUGE tyres, a very cute yet noisy hand-made rollercoaster, giant rocking giraffes, various swings, a big tin slide and lots more of interesting welded creations that the boys ran between. It was awesome to see them having so much fun and trying to figure out what the “rides” did and how they worked. Oh and I almost forgot! A giant jumping pillow.


And wow! The animals. There were peacocks wandering around, ducks following us around, a wombat, monkeys, an ostrich, kangaroos, a goat, a deer, very large black pigs – all very friendly. We had purchased two little bags of feed (50 cents each) for the animals.


For an area currently in drought, the gardens are just gorgeous. So well cared for and lush.


The food was surprisingly good. VERY cheap (especially compared to a “traditional” theme park), fresh and yummy. I had steak sandwich ($9) and it tasted like real food. They have kids meals for around $10 which include a popper.


You first enter Green Valley by walking through the very cold and dark museum. There is all sorts of odd things here. Hundreds of old bottles, crystals, a 2 headed sheep (I kid you not!) various snakes and animals in jars of  formaldehyde and other pieces of history.


Soooo cheap! $10 each for the whole day.


There is a waterpark with a massive slide which was closed for winter, but friends have been there in summer and tell me it was lots of fun.

They have 18 hole mini golf and peddle bikes as well, at an extra cost.

AND you can stay there… they have camping and various cabin options.

Find out more via their website:

And Facebook:

I cannot recommend this place enough. A lot of the rides are for kids 10 years plus but you can still have plenty of fun with the littlies.

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