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Our visit to Big4 Sunshine – South West Rocks (Part 1)


You might’ve noticed if you follow Coffs for Kids on Facebook or Instagram that we spent last weekend at South West Rocks. We were invited for a weekend away thanks to Big 4 Sunshine – South West Rocks.

Because we had such an awesome time, I’ve had to do this in two parts – so the first part is about our GORGEOUS accommodation and Part 2 is about some of the activities and things myself and the kids got up to.

I picked up the kids after school on Friday afternoon and headed straight to South West Rocks, it is about an hour and a half south just near Kempsey, so an easy and quick drive to do – PERFECT for a weekend getaway!

So first of all… here is my review of our Luxury Cabin:

Photo 28-02-2014 5 27 36 pm

The boys were pretty impressed with the cabin as you can see!

Photo 28-02-2014 5 24 42 pm

I was shocked to learn these cabins are around 10 years old. They are in IMMACULATE condition and everything looks new. The standard of cleanliness is A+++, I couldn’t find a fault even if I tried.

This is the living/dining area with a large plasma screen TV and CD player. As you can see, very nicely decorated and comfortable. And I LOVED the red leather lounges, yes real leather! It also has reverse cycle air-conditioning.

Photo 28-02-2014 5 25 42 pm

The kitchen is very schmick, complete with dishwasher and microwave, 2 hotplates, full size fridge and everything else you need to prepare meals for the family.

Photo 28-02-2014 5 26 10 pmHere is the other view of the kitchen, as you can see very light and airy.

Photo 28-02-2014 5 33 19 pm

And in a secret cupboard, a washer/dryer nicely tucked away!

Photo 28-02-2014 5 26 26 pm

This is the main bedroom, very tastefully furnished and also has its own flat screen TV for lazing around in bed TV-viewing!

Photo 28-02-2014 5 27 06 pm

Photo 28-02-2014 5 27 22 pm

And double bunks so the cabin can sleep up to 6. There is also loads of cupboard space and individual lights for each bunk.

Photo 28-02-2014 5 28 36 pm

This is the very large verandah at the entrance to the cabin with table and chairs.

Photo 28-02-2014 5 40 02 pm

And this is the view from the verandah – lovely bush. In the mornings you’ll most likely see kangaroos grazing.

Photo 28-02-2014 7 26 49 pm

This is what the kids loved best of all – seeing kangaroos EVERYWHERE in the park. They are very tame and don’t seem bothered by people at all. This photo was taken from my bedroom window. The boys sat here for ages watching this one graze in the grass late one afternoon.

The cabins are the top of the range accommodation at Big 4 Sunshine and boast a 4.5 star rating. Everything is provided, all sheets, towels and linen, so you don’t have to worry about bringing those extras. You can click here to find out more about the cabins, including some short videos and a floor plan.

Big 4 Sunshine has other styles of accommodation as well: camp sites, ensuite sites, cabins and cottages  – if you want to find out more or about the park facilities in general click here – You can also book online.

I’ll be posting Part 2 of our visit to South West Rocks tomorrow including more about the facilities and activities in the park and WHY it is such a great place to stay, even when it’s raining!

Make sure you join Big 4 Sunshine on Facebook, they are about to launch a BIG competition – so like the page now and don’t miss out on entering!



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  2. Evelio says:

    Hmmm. You remember saynig recently that you belong in Portland? Well, the traffic in Portland looked just like your Sacramento photo when we were heading home on the Saturday, and it was not the first time we have been caught in a Portland traffic jam.Urban life has its pros and cons.

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