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It’s been called “Australia’s Strangest Theme Park” – and it certainly is a very different place. Saying that, we all LOVED it and it will go down as one of those family memories that we will talk about for years…

Green Valley Farm is located 10kms out of Tingha, so 3 hours 24 mins from Coffs via Dorrigo/Ebor and Guyra OR 3 hours 43 minutes via Grafton and Glen Innes. We were staying at Guyra, so it was roughly a 50 minute drive.

And yes, it is out in the middle of nowhere on a sheep farm!

Green Valley Farm feels like you’re stepping back in time, to the days of my childhood. The rides there and they are no fuss, no frills, just plain old fun. No shiny signs or machinery, just very cleverly built handmade metal rides. Green Valley Farm was built in the 1980s and thankfully, nothing much has changed.


There are 3-way see saws, a giant spinning cage, pile of HUGE tyres, a very cute yet noisy hand-made rollercoaster, giant rocking giraffes, various swings, a big tin slide and lots more of interesting welded creations that the boys ran between. It was awesome to see them having so much fun and trying to figure out what the “rides” did and how they worked. Oh and I almost forgot! A giant jumping pillow.


And wow! The animals. There were peacocks wandering around, ducks following us around, a wombat, monkeys, an ostrich, kangaroos, a goat, a deer, very large black pigs – all very friendly. We had purchased two little bags of feed (50 cents each) for the animals.


For an area currently in drought, the gardens are just gorgeous. So well cared for and lush.


The food was surprisingly good. VERY cheap (especially compared to a “traditional” theme park), fresh and yummy. I had steak sandwich ($9) and it tasted like real food. They have kids meals for around $10 which include a popper.


You first enter Green Valley by walking through the very cold and dark museum. There is all sorts of odd things here. Hundreds of old bottles, crystals, a 2 headed sheep (I kid you not!) various snakes and animals in jars of  formaldehyde and other pieces of history.


Soooo cheap! $10 each for the whole day.


There is a waterpark with a massive slide which was closed for winter, but friends have been there in summer and tell me it was lots of fun.

They have 18 hole mini golf and peddle bikes as well, at an extra cost.

AND you can stay there… they have camping and various cabin options.

Find out more via their website:

And Facebook:

I cannot recommend this place enough. A lot of the rides are for kids 10 years plus but you can still have plenty of fun with the littlies.

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I suppose like most of us, my family haven’t really left the Coffs Coast since lockdowns began at the end of March. With not a lot of time off work for me these school holidays I decided to take the kids on a little trip out West for three nights.

I wanted to spend some money in smaller communities really suffering from drought and fires (and of course, Covid!) plus we had quite a few adventures that we’ve never had before as you will see!

YES it was cold, but that all added to the fun. And while we didn’t see snow we will try to go back again one day soon.

Here are some of the things we did:



First stop, Bellingen.

From Coffs to Bellingen it’s around a 30 minute drive.

I got coffee from Swiss Bakery and the kids went into Sweet Bellingen and got a $5 bag of mixed lollies (photographed below).

I also popped into Kombu Wholefoods for some fruit and some other healthy snacks.

Next stop: Dangar Falls.

From Bellingen to Dangar Falls it’s around a 35 minute drive.

I would normally go to the Rainforest Centre at Dorrigo and do a little walk or the SkyWalk but we had been there only a couple weekends before, so we headed straight to Dangar Falls.

We parked at the picnic area and took a walk down to the bottom of the falls. The walk is suitable for children, it’s about a 10-15 minute walk down, a combination of paved and raised boardwalks. At the bottom there are rockpools and the waterfall is amazing!!! Definitely worth the walk.

Next stop: Ebor

From there it’s a winding 40 minute drive to Ebor and boy, was it COLD there!

We headed straight for Ebor falls. In November last year the Bees Nest bushfires tore through here and you can still see the destruction. The upper viewing platform was burnt entirely and the lower platform and access is blocked off due to dangerous trees. There is evidence of the fires everywhere. It’s quite sobering yet beautiful at the same time. We caught a glimpse of the falls and had a look at the amazing burnt trees then headed back into Ebor to Fusspots for some good old fashioned country cooking / lunch.

Next stop: Guyra

From Ebor to Guyra it’s just under an hour drive.

I booked us into the Summit Caravan Park, (Australia’s highest caravan park!) they have a cute little 3 bedroom for $130 a night. Complete with fireplace, full kitchen and great views. Cheap! We stayed there for 2 nights and the owner was so lovely. Would definitely recommend (if you do book make sure you ring up and book direct. I checked out the room types etc on Wotif but then rang direct. The accommodation booking sites take a big chunk of commission, so it really helps the owners to pick up the phone and book directly with them).

The choices for dinner in Guyra are pretty limited, so we went to the Bowling Club then settled in for some board games.

And YES it was cold! But we loved it! While there wasn’t any snow the kids were so excited the next morning when there were icicles hanging off the water tank!


Next post coming up: Our day trip to Green Valley Farm.

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Winter School Holidays

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Click image below for activities and events on these school holidays.

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Buy Local!

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One thing that has come out of the Covid crisis for myself is a renewed focus on buying local.

Facing empty shelves made me realise how fragile out food security is and how much we rely on goods from overseas.

So my focus is not only buy Australian, but take that one step further and by locally made and produced, where possible. It might be a little less convenient than picking something up when I’m at the supermarket. It might mean spending a little more. But for me, peace of mind and quality mean so much more.

This post I am going to highlight local fruit and vegetable suppliers who deliver and also meat.

Of course, many of these things can be purchased at your local farmer’s and grower’s market. They are all over our region on different days. But if you can’t make it, this is the next best thing.




Subscription based fruit & veg delivery service.

Also attends local markets and you can drop into their warehouse 2/36 Ann St, Coffs. Every Friday 12-5pm for market day!


Local owned and operated, suppliers of quality fresh fruit, vegetables & peeled products.


Fresh local fruits and vegetables, the finest in imported and specialty products.


Locally grown pesticide free greens home delivered. Promoting healthy eating through fresh greens. Large box $30 medium box $20 small box $16 Delivery included.


Slav’s Fruit and Veg is a local Coffs Harbour business. We sell our locally grown bananas and a variety of different fruits when in season.  Drop by our stall on Coramba road opposite the Loaders Lane turn off or contact us for delivery! Stall open, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Delivery Available on these days also.


We produce seasonal, spray free veges and pasture raised eggs for the local markets. Delivers Thursdays or find them at the Harbourside Markets every Sunday.
We distribute local organic & chemical free produce that is ethically grown, affordable, healthy and picked fresh to order every week. With home delivery service from Coffs Harbour, North to Woologoolga & South to Macksville.
‘Promised Land Produce’ deliver fresh produce straight from local farms every week. Ross sends out an email every Sunday night with price list and you simply reply with your order and it is delivered the following week. Can order fruit and veg as well as eggs, nuts, cured meats, coffee beans, smoked trout, etc. email:
Fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service in Coffs Harbour.




Milk N More is a local business providing a home, office, factory delivery service for you. From cheeses, meats, fruit, veggies, drinks and much more.


Boxes of beef, direct from the farmer. Ethical beef producers from Northern NSW with a focus on the best life for every animal, and top quality fresh produce as a result.


Farm to freezer is an Australian owned, family operated business, Our farm is tucked away in the beautiful green pastures of the Nambucca Valley in N.S.W.


Family business from Taylors Arm suppyling bulk hormone free meat packs that are cut up & packaged on our farm delivered direct to your door


Locally owned retail/wholesale butchery supplying meat from Lower Clarence to Coffs Harbour.
We source our meat from local farmers ensuring fresh and quality products for our customers.


Rivermead Farms ethical producers of premium F1 Wagyu beef offering “paddock to plate” service.


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