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Rain, rain, go away…


Rain is just a fact of life living in Coffs Harbour. But sometimes it really could have better timing… like not raining bucket loads on a long weekend – no elaborate Grand Final BBQs, a rather soggy Bellingen Global Festival not to mention those poor holiday makers expecting some nice sunny days…

I bunkered down in our house and did the following activities with the kids:

– Baked banana muffins

– Made a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup

– Did this craft activity which is rather easy and doesn’t require much set-up:

We also had a “cinema afternoon” where I pulled all the curtains across to make it somewhat dark inside, pulled the lounges out and made a big area to lay down and watch a kids DVD with popcorn and hot chocolate. I even laid down and watched the movie and my son loved it.

I even let Mason outside to splash around outside the house (surrounded by our own ponds as you can see)

I predict next Monday, when school goes back, the rain will finally go away.

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  1. marina says:

    This makes me wonder why we don’t all have water tanks!

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