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Rainy day pikelets


I don’t often post recipies but I just made these with the kids – they are easy and were a big hit. I remember my Mum making these on rainy days when we came home from school – a good rainy day morning or afternoon tea! Pikelets are like a smaller, thicker version of pancakes.

This recipie is from my Mum’s book – “The Commonsense Cookery Book”.


1c SR flour

1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda

2T sugar

1/2c milk

1tsp vinegar

1 egg

1 dessertspoon melted butter

1. Sift flour and bi-carb soda. Add sugar.

2. Beat egg well and add to milk and vinegar.

3. Pour into dry ingredients making a thick batter.

4. Add melted butter (you might need to add more milk because the mixture will be pretty thick)

5. Have ready a hot frypan and cook in small pieces, about dessert-spoonfuls.

6. Serve on a doily on a plate

(well I didn’t have any doilies handy but I found a nice Dr Suess plate that did just nicely)

My Mum used to serve these with jam and whipped cream but we just had them with butter and cherry jam, or even just plain butter is yummy.

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  1. Lis Korlevic says:

    Great recipe its been a while since I made I first used the book when i was in high school made some yummy meals my whole family loved pikelets especially when we didn’t have much else i even made them with corn & bacon or apple
    I still have the book somewhere my mum 89 said she wouild love some now the the weather is getting colder
    Thank you
    Lis mother to 5 nanna to 10

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