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Sparky & Shady School Holiday Workshops



The ‘Sparky and Shady Two Day Family Workshop’ is only offered twice a year to a limited number of people! If you want your family to be included with the 64 this summer at Aanuka Beach Resort, you need to buy your tickets now before they sell out! (Go to the bottom of this page for online ticket purchase.)

We all want empowered children who have the knowledge and strategies they need to make the difference on earth they were born to make! Especially when this comes hand in hand with the promise of happier children who understand themselves and who have the skills to manage their body, thoughts, emotions and actions. That means calmer, more loving and more fulfilling family lives for all of us! Yippee!

‘Sparky and Shady’ took 23 years to create and perfect. It is has been trialled, tested and recently endorsed by a clinical psychologist. You will not find anything like it anywhere else! This simple, effective and non religious family program is totally ‘child friendly’. It uses two imaginary characters, ‘Sparky’ our loving side and ‘Shady’ our scared side to teach kids: who they are, why they are here and how their body, personality, thoughts and feelings all work together so they can cope with problems, believe in themselves and follow their dreams. That’s ultimately how they’ll make their difference.

By attending this two day workshop with your children you get a once off opportunity to empower the child within you as well as gaining all the knowledge and strategies you’ll need to support your children through the highs and lows of growing up. Come along and do something ‘life-changing’ for you and your family!

What your children get

  • Self-awareness of how their body, personality, thoughts and feelings all work
  • To meet Sparky (their loving side) and Shady (their scared side) and knowledge to help them tell the difference
  • Three strategies to manage their body, feelings and thoughts – ‘Short cuts’
  • A strategy that works to cope with problems and let go of ‘baggage’ – ‘Pit Stop’
  • Three secrets to believe in themselves
  • Three secrets to follow their dreams
  • Water, morning tea, fruit, a buffet lunch and afternoon tea both days (special dietary requirements will be catered for)
  • A blank ‘Sparky and Shady’ workbook to draw and write in
  • 12 coloured ‘Lyra’ pencils in a pencil case to keep!
  • New friends, family time and two fun days with lots of outside games!

What you get

  • All of the above (for the child in you) plus…
  • Tea & coffee
  • The most recent PDF copy of ‘Sparky and Shady for Kids’, ‘Sparky and Shady for Big Kids’ or ‘Sparky and Shady for Teenagers’ (depending on the age of your children) emailed to you prior to the workshop
  • ‘How to take a Pit Stop’ video to support you and your child to let go of ‘baggage’
  • Happy and loving children who are empowered to cope with problems and believe in themselves!
  • Reduced room rate on a 2 Bedroom Spa Villa with Full Buffet Breakfast for 4 at $328 per night (min stay 2 nights) at Aanuka Beach Resort (subject to availability – book now and get in quick)
  • Access to onsite childcare for children under 6 so you can concentrate on your older children during the workshop (younger children can join us for games, breaks and meals)

Comparative cost

How much do you pay to insure your families physical health each year? Top hospital cover for families is around $3168 per year and basic cover costs around $2000.

How much is your families mental and emotional wellbeing worth to you each year?

The ‘Sparky and Shady Two Day Family Workshop’ can give you peace of mind for

  • $499 per person all inclusive for the two days or
  • $1699 per family* of four with
  • $199 per extra child for families of more than four
    *Family includes a step or nuclear family who are sharing a home together.

Special requirements

If you or your children have special needs or requirements (including dietary) please ensure you fill in the appropriate question on the registration form provided online.

What to bring

Your sense of fun and adventure, a hat, water bottle (to refill), clothes or sunscreen to protect you from the sun and shoes you can play in. Parents do not have to join in games unless they would like to! You may also like to bring your swimmers and towel for a beach swim at lunch time!


If the workshop is not ‘worth it’ your money will be refunded (less food and material costs).

For further details please email 

BOOK NOW to give you and your family a ‘life-changing’ experience!


In the ‘Discount Code’ box on the payment page, just type in SAS33 to receive the “Buy two, get one free” offer (it essentially means you pay two thirds of the price for any amount of tickets) See you there!


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  1. kathy says:

    Hi Alison,
    Thanks for putting this up – I have updated since this version and am actually offering “Buy two, get one free” to get more bums on seats so if you are happy to sit and paste the current page from that would be fantastic!

    Love Kathy

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