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Surviving School Holidays


From my fortnightly column published in The Coffs Coast Independent 20/9/2012)

These September school holidays have kind of crept up on me, but I’ve decided these school holidays are my favourite of the year. This time of year there are lots of special festivities or events and with the lovely springtime weather the kids can go outside. It’s not too hot and not too cold and with the forecast NO RAIN for the next month it looks like the weather is going to be glorious.

And the best thing about the September school holidays is that it isn’t summer. That means we can go to the beach in the middle of the day and build sandcastles and explore or go for bike and scooter rides without having to worry about getting ridiculously hot and burnt to a crisp.

Some of my friends dread school holidays, having to find ways to entertain older kids and dealing with the different dynamics in the house (read: fighting siblings who are bored). But I love school holidays, I always find I want to do so much with the kids but I always run out of time. So much to do, so little time!

My number one tip for surviving school holidays is to make a plan. Work out what you are going to do each day. And these school holidays there is so much to do: the Buskers Festival is on with the NBN Kids Day on next Tuesday. Both the Pet Porpoise Pool and the Big Banana have special shows on (Pet Porpoise Pool has Steve Mc Ewan Reptile world and Big Banana Large Macaws of South America). There are free Lego building sessions at the local libraries coming up, Kids Day Out on 3rd October at the Botanic Gardens (also free) and heaps more! (Check out the website for the full listings).

I know I am a little bit of a sad case but even though this is the 2nd year my son has been in school, I still miss him on a day to day basis. So school holidays for me are a time when I can hang out with him and do fun Mummy stuff!

And I like to look at it this way: school holidays mean a bit of a holiday for me too, or at least a break in routine: from making lunches, getting uniforms ready and homework (although I am a bit of a Mummy nerd and I like homework though I am sure I can survive 2 weeks without it).

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