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We are an environmentally friendly bunch over here at Coffs for Kids and were very excited to learn about ‘The Big Aussie Swap Party’ which is on this Wednesday, 10th November in the City Square from 11.30am – 1.30pm. Swapping beings at 12.30pm.
This is part of Planet Ark National Recycling Week (9th Nov – 14th Nov).
It works like this: gather together 3 items you don’t want or use anymore (such as clothes, toys, books, jewellery, CDs, DVDs or homewares) and bring them to the Swap Party. You then exchange these items for tokens and use these tokens to get something else.
The Swap Party promotes reusing and prevents good quality and useful items being thrown into landfill. We certainly live in a throwaway society which has a huge impact not only financially but environmentally as well.
Get the kids involved and they can gett rid of some old toys they no longer play with and swap them for new toys or books or DVDs.
There will also be recycling points for cartridges, batteries or mobile phones so gather up those items and bring them along as well.
Supported by the Coffs City Council – more information at

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  1. 'Joyce' says:

    Might see you there. Awesome of the Council to do this again.

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