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The Clunkertons



I am very pleased to announce that we have a local author coming to the Made with Love markets this Sunday.

Robyn McLennan is the author of the two children’s books: The Clunkertons of Sunnybank Creek and The Clunkertons and their Unforgettable Journey. Both books are illustrated by local cartoonist, Jules Faber.

Robyn kindly gave me both books to review and introduce you to, so I read them to my 6 year old son, Mason.

Robyn’s books are a delight to read out loud: the flow and language used makes it both very interesting for reader and listener. My favourite paragraph: “Oh what a day that was at Sunnybank Creek and oh, what fun they all had! There was pinging and plopping and clanging and clunking: swinging and swaying and panting and puffing: clicking and kicking and screeching and screaming… with plenty of pebbles for scheming and dreaming!”

The books are probably best read to ages 4 years and up, they are quite long and wouldn’t hold the attention of my 3 year old although he loved looking at the pictures and asking questions about them.

The Clunkertons (Or Clunkies) are a group of funny creatures from the Planet Plopitus: “They were a peculiar little clan with short, stubby bodies, gawky, gangly legs and three funky feet that clicked and clattered against each other as they tottered along.”

When their planet was hit by a meteorite and two of the Clunkertons (Clacticus and Cler) were hurtled towards earth. Luckily a passing pelican rescued them and plonked them on the banks of Sunnybank Creek which became their new home.

The first book is about the Clunkies adjusting to life on at Sunnybank Creek and how the Australian creatures (snakes, Robins, frog, kookaburra, wombats etc) all took to them.

In the second book there is a flood at Sunnybank Creek and the Clunkies are saved by a kind platypus. What follows is a great adventure and definitely an unforgettable journey!

The illustrations in the books done by Jules Faber are just stunning. Bright, colourful, bold they are very refreshing and capture the essence of the story perfectly.

It is so great that we have a local author and illustrator right here in Coffs and I think these books are a definite must-have for every home in Coffs Harbour and every school library.

And what does Mason think? He likes that the Clunkies have three legs (“that’s cool Mum, I wish I had three legs”), he likes the fun they have and he loves the pictures.

Robyn McLennan will be at the Made with Love Markets this Sunday 9am-2pm at C.ex Coffs.


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