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The Coffs Harbour Donut Co


Alright I am not ashamed to admit I go to this place on average 3 or 4 mornings a week. I can’t tell you what the number one draw-card is for me… of course, coffee (but that goes without saying), maple-covered donut balls freshly made every morning, the staff that know my coffee and even my name, the funky decor, pink floors and great pop-art… hmmm the list really is endless.

The CH Donut Co has style and it is a local business and Corinne and I talk kids a lot and it is just a really great place to hang out. The maple donut balls at 50cents each are to die for, and really two little balls each day doesn’t really hurt (does it?!). The kids love it too, and importantly, Babycinos are not expensive at all. Oh, and I really should mention aside from the assortment of donuts they have freshly made bagels, soup and salad. Great prices, fresh and yummy.

Where: Harbour Drive, a few doors up from Rivers and next to Fletchers Photographers almost on the corner.

No website, but they are on facebook:

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  1. marina says:

    YUM – I know where we are stopping on our way to the park for a treat, I can taste them already! SO many good reasons to make it to coffs harbour for a family holiday 🙂

  2. Robyn Gowers says:

    OH no, I don’t need to know that, now I need to go taste those maple covered donut balls 🙂


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