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The Nappy Collective


If you haven’t heard of “the Nappy Collective” the idea is pretty simple –¬†they collect your leftover unused disposable nappies and redistribute them to organisations that support families in crisis or in need.

Collections run for two weeks in MAY & October.

How it works:

Too many nappies?

Do you have leftover unused disposable nappies lying around? Drop them off at your nearest designated collection points whilst the collective is on (the collection point in Coffs Harbour is Baby Bella, located at Northside Shopping Centre on Park Beach Road.

Pass them On

At the end of the two week collective the nappies are sorted, packed and swiftly distributed to organisations that support families in crisis or in need.

Make a difference

Nappies are a basic healthcare need and lack of sufficient nappies can lead to an array of problems for disadvantaged families. So when you donate your spare nappies, you help these families to focus more of their time and energy on getting their lives back on track.

Some facts about the Nappy Collective:

  • 64 cities
  • 410 collection points
  • 2208082 nappies collected

And just look at the beneficiaries, there are roughly 30 different groups and organisations the nappies are distributed to!

Drop your nappies off at Baby Bella Coffs Harbour, now located at Northside Shopping Centre, 81 Park Beach Rd.

You have until this Friday 18th May at 5pm.


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