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The Terrible Two’s…


My best friend always used to say to me “you have no idea  how easy Mason is”. She has three boys and I remember going through a time when every time I would talk to her one of her kids (or all of them!) were going through a “stage”.

Stage? What is that? Mason just cruised through his toddlerhood. He started giving his Mama grey hairs when he was 5!

But now I get it: the terrible two’s. My little boy, Lennox –he is nothing but a rascal. He is super-cute and totally innocent looking (of course) but by jeez… he loves to throw things: piles of books, socks and shoes off his feet (at any time or anyplace), food. He loves to stuff things: popcorn into the heater and socks and rocks into vending machines. He loves to hide
things: half eaten apples in the car and my new black work shirt – which I still can’t find!

But the thing that is really getting me times like when he says “no Mama” 500 times in a day. When he gets fixated on wanting cake, or the dog’s ball, or his cousin’s teddy. Nothing will calm him down, and most often if he gets what he wants –even that won’t calm him down.

But I hear when they become a three-ager it is worse. And then there is the ‘feral or effing fours’. Tell me it isn’t true!

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  1. Trista Shanhan says:

    Well, I cant say for you ,as all children are so different but my Illuca was a rather big challenge from birth.Then he turned 3 and it was like he fell into himself or something.He really changed and calmed and seemed less frustrated.He is 4 on Friday so hopefully we stay calm and centered!! and it has not all been a dream!!

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