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Free or Cheap things to do these School Holidays…


It seems like it was only last week we packed our kids off to school in their brand new school uniforms, shiny black shoes and white socks? Now all of a sudden it is Easter and the school holidays are upon us, so we’ve come up with some ideas of things you can do with your kids during the holidays:

Go exploring. Jump in the car and head to a nearby town or village on the Coffs Coast you have never been before – there are some listed here. You could also pack a picnic and head to one of these places to explore.

Create a fairy house. This is a beautiful activity that your kids will cherish. There is a gorgeous book and website called “Fairy Housesthat can give you some ideas. Simply find a little corner or out of the way place in your backyard and collect items such as twigs and branches, barks, pebbles, shells, nuts and pinecones. Use only things from nature – nothing artificial. Build your house and the fairies will soon come to visit!

Make an indoor cubby house.  (good for if it rains, but it won’t…!) Depending on the layout of your house, use your lounge, chairs and/or dining table and drape sheets over them to create a maze of cubby houses inside your house. The kids can get their stuffed toys to share in the fun and even have a picnic under there!

Write a letter to someone. Think of a relative or old friend and sit down with your kids to help them write a good old-fashioned letter, or if they are too young – to draw some pictures. Once you have finished, decorate and address the envelope and head down to the Post Office to buy stamps and post the letter.

Make a music tree.  Inspired by a lovely book we borrowed from the library once called The Music Tree go to your nearest thrift shop and buy metal kitchen items such as saucepan lids, kettle, egg beater, pipes, colanders, baking pans and spoons. Hang them from some sticks then place this across the branches of a tree (or clothesline) or peg each item to a tree with string or fishing line. Banging the “musical instruments” with a wooden spoon makes a lovely sound – much better than clanging metal against metal.

There are heaps of activities listed on the school holidays section of the website as well. So much to do so little time! One thing I do know-  I am going to enjoy my little “holiday” from having to get up every morning to make school lunches, organise uniforms, find shoes, lost hats etc etc!

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