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Tips on taking the perfect school photo


The first day of school photo is one of those momentous photos in a child’s album. I remember mine very clearly because I have looked at it so many times over the years: hair in two perfect pigtails, a crisp new uniform, white socks pulled up to my knees (yes in those days at St Augustine’s we had to wear them knee-high) and a mustard yellow case. That’s right, no backpacks, we had little cases we had to carry in one hand.

As most of you know my eldest son is starting school so my camera batteries are already recharged (with extras on hand) – so what are some tips for taking good school photos? 

  1. Be prepared. Sounds obvious but make sure your batteries are recharged, the camera is handy and memory card has ample space for photos.
  2. Tell the story. Documenting getting ready on that first morning will add to the memories. Take photos of the first ever school lunch, the brand new bag (inside and out), getting dressed, trying to tie shoelaces, brushing hair etc.
  3. Movie-mode. Grab a couple of minutes on your cameras movie mode to ask your child how they are feeling, what they want to be when they grow up, what they are most looking forward to etc.
  4. Watch them grow. Chose a place where you can take a photo every year. You can watch how much they change and grow next to a tree or door.
  5. Get the extras. Get a photo of the school clothes laid out ready to wear, the brand new shoes waiting to be scuffed worn, the school bus or bus stop, outside the school
  6. Say cheese. Try taking a photo from a different angle, instead of the normal straight-on shot. Try with your child standing to the side then looking over at you. Another one is to get down at their eye level to take a photo. Make sure you take a few close ups too, such as from the waist up instead of a full-length shot.
  7. Friends and teachers. Has your child already made a friend they are going to school with? Get a photo with them included; perhaps it could be a tradition as they go through school together. If you are really enthusiastic (and your child willing) get a photo with their teacher.

And don’t forget to take a shot with you and other family members in the photo!

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