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Twelve Water Games


While so far we’ve had a pretty mild summer here on the Coffs Coast, the kids still love to get out in the water whether it’s at the pool, beach or playing with a hose in the backyard.

So with just a couple of weeks left of the school holidays I thought I’d do a post on some fun water games you can play at home. (Click on the blue title for more information on each activity).


Water Balloon Pinata – quite a simple activity to set up but heaps of fun!


DIY Ice Dinosaur Fossils – very little prep needed but the kids loved this one!


Ice-cube painting. Makes a lot of cold mess, but that’s all the fun!


Bathing Dolls. A great one if you have a baby bath lying around!


Chalk and water painting. All you need is water, chalk and concrete, they’ll have a ball!

water7Splash & score. A great game to play with older kids.

watterRacing Ducks. You just need some PVC pipes, rubber duckies and spray bottles.


Water limbo. A fun one for a group of kids.


Tin foil river. Great for experimenting what toys or objects flow the fastest.


 Sponge Ball. I think this is my favourite, looks like heaps of fun!


Bike and trike carwash. A little more effort and imagination required for this one, but looks SO awesome!

If you want to head down to the beach and explore some rock pools with the kids (something I still love to do, even as an adult!) – have a look at this Facebook post for some ideas on some great places to go on the Coffs Coast.

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