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Watermelon Cakes



wm cake 2Thanks to Tanya from Tootle for Toddlers for writing this guest post…

When it came to my youngest sons birthday I wanted him to be able to take something into preschool to share with his friends.  I had to bear in mind that there are many children with allergies and lets face it, a container full of icing coated cupcakes isn’t sending the healthiest message to our toddlers.

I decided that I would make a “cake” from a watermelon, I had carved one into a dinosaur head and filled it with fruit for a previous party so my creative mind was set in motion and I thought “seriously how hard can it be”!

At first I was going to make a school bus, quite fitting as he was taking it to school, but a little boring all the same.  It was then that the lightbulb turned on – Fire Trucks are red and surely all little boys love Fire Trucks.

I bought a whole watermelon and chopped the bottom so that it was flat and then cut the sides so that I was left with a brick shaped chunk of watermelon.  I removed a slice so that the front cabin was formed and then embellished it with other fruits, kiwi for the wheels, rock melon for the windows and pretzels for the ladder on top.  Half a banana with blueberries and grapes formed the lights and a couple of slithers of watermelon skin finished it off with windscreen wipers (yes I know these aren’t edible).

My boys helped with the creation offering words of encouragement “wow mum how did you do that” It was a big hit at school and I received lots of lovely feedback through my facebook page, and so when asked to share my creation in a guest blog I decided to attempt something for the little girls parties out there, I was pushed for time but think that this little princess carriage would also be a winner.  It shows that fruit can be made into whatever your imagination decides, why not grab yourself a watermelon and get creating for your next party/bbq.

The food picks and shape cutters are available from my website

wm carriage (2)

Tanya is a local Mum and owns , which does not only sell fantastic little backpacks specially designed for toddlers but has heaps of great recipes and activities as well. Make sure you have a look at the website and Facebook page.


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