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Win a Family Pass to the Wiggles




The Wiggles are coming to Coffs Harbour.


They will be live in concert at C.ex Coffs on Tuesday 19th March.


TWO shows – 10am and 1pm.


All tickets are $27.50 (children under 18mths free) and are available online (click the poster below) or at the Club, Vernon St, Coffs Harbour.


We have a family pass (4 tickets) to giveaway! Scroll down to the entry form.

We will announce a winner next week, Wednesday 6th February.



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  1. Sharon says:

    The blue wiggle has always been a favourite in our house!!

  2. sarah zelvis says:

    i know my children would really love this 🙂

  3. Catherine Inwood says:

    Thank you for the entry !!

  4. Jackii says:

    My little one would love this : )

  5. Lydia says:

    I’ve always liked the yellow one, but I think my 3 yr old would go with the red one due to the guitar playing 🙂

  6. My 2 little boys would love to see the wiggles show. The wiggles are one of there favourite shows…

  7. Alison White says:

    My daughter loves when the Blue Wiggle comes on!!

  8. Lisa Townsend says:

    It’s got to be blue, original 😉 the brains behind the whole thing

  9. jo Moane says:

    Purple is our favourite coloured wiggle

  10. Robyn says:

    Have always loved yellow, now made even better

  11. Peta says:

    Love the Blue, good old Anthony!

  12. Melinda kinny Traecey says:

    My little girl is 3 at the end of feb and she thinks the new yellow girl wiggle is just great.

  13. Kirsty says:

    Blue is my girls fav Wiggle!!!

  14. kahlia hills says:

    The Yellow wiggle is our favorite wiggle 🙂

  15. Allyse Glover says:

    It would be a tie between the purple and the blue wiggle in our house, they love Anthony’s smile and they think it’s so funny that Jeff is always having a nap! ????

  16. Nay says:

    Purple sleepy wiggle!

  17. Trish Morgan says:

    I just asked my 3 kids who their favourite Wiggle was – all answered SAM (Yellow Wiggle – if he is still there?). I was secretly hoping they would say Anthony (a little Wiggle Crush for their mum :P)

  18. Pauline says:

    It’s got to be Jeff, he has always been a fav with my kids 🙂

  19. Jackie says:

    My daughter is delighted there is a girl wiggle, so it’s yellow now!

  20. Lee Willman says:

    We have always loved the yellow Wiggle, particularly Sam Wiggle.We will have to see how the new Yellow Wiggle rates with my daughter!

  21. Fiona says:

    Favourite colour wiggles would have to be blue because that’s the one my grandchildren love.

  22. Meegan Marmora says:

    Purples a favourite in our house!!

  23. Diana says:

    Green – for Dorothy!

  24. Tamaryn pearce says:

    I love them all!!!

  25. The wiggles have been a part of our family for over 13 years and my children love all the Wiggles but their favourite has always been the Blue Wiggle! It will be exciting to meet the new Wiggle team and my two youngest children would be absolutely thrilled to be able to see the Wiggles live.

  26. tina brooks says:

    we love anthony the blue wiggle the best =)

  27. Theresa says:

    I love all those wiggly wiggles, they will be missed 🙂

  28. jessie says:

    My nearly two year old boy loves the yellow one, as this is his new word 🙂 and he loves to dance along to the wiggles 🙂 !!

  29. Rebecca says:

    I like the blue wiggle

  30. Andrea Brindle says:

    We dont have a particular favourite in our house, my daughter just loves them all, they are all great!!

  31. Jing says:

    I like them all !

  32. Mel G says:

    The original yellow wiggle Greg has always been my fav 🙂

  33. always loved the blue wiggle anthony- even met him in person when i was young at the sydney children’s hospital in randwick. Lovely fella and funny too!

  34. rachel says:

    My son loves the wiggles, I don’t think he could pick a favourite, he loves them all.

  35. Julie says:

    One two three – WAKE UP
    my daughter is saying this all day every day at the moment, so it has to be the purple wiggle for us.

  36. Catie fielder says:

    I love all the wiggles and love the fact the yellow wiggle is female 🙂

  37. Roseanne Wilson says:

    Would love to go 🙂

  38. My daughter’s favourite wiggle is the purple one as she loves yelling “Wake up Jeff!!”

  39. my girls love all of them they said they cant chose because they all are their favourites they absolutely love the wiggles

  40. Helen Duyster says:

    The multi coloured captain is our favourite wiggle! 😀

  41. Dee Brown says:

    We love all The Wiggles. My 12 month old daughter’s world stops when she hears The Wiggles on the Stero or tv 🙂

  42. sharon bettler says:

    We missed out on this competition, sad…

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