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I am very pleased to introduce one of our newest advertiser’s, BusyKid.

BusyKid is run by local Mum, Sue and she has a very well designed and thought out product – the BusyKid Weekly Activity Planner.

The BusyKid planner comes with a brightly coloured blank weekly base magnet. Included are 40 individual magnets with different activities your kids might do, such as: school, preschool, dancing, playgroup, nippers, sleepover and heaps more.

The planner has already been a Godsend in my house – my 7 year old dutifully plans his week every Monday morning.  It not only helps him know the days of the week and what is happening each day but it also helps me as I have a little 7 year old voice checking his planner each morning and reminding me of things like library day (which I always seem to forget!)

What I also like about this is the bright and easy to understand pictures for those kids who aren’t quite able to read yet. They can look at the pictures and still know what is happening that day.

This is a brilliant idea for Christmas and especially leading into a new (and busy!) 2013.

You can order online here – and make sure you join them on Facebook as well.

We are looking for THREE families to review the Busykid Planner! It will be easy – I will send you some guidelines/questions to answer to help you write it.

If you want a chance to be a reviewer please email and tell me briefly why you need a Busykd planner in your house.

I will choose 3 people 10th December and notify via email and we will send you a planner to try out shortly after!

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